splurge vs. steal: the camel coat

i’ve decided my big splurge this fall/winter will be a new camel coat.  it’s a classic that’s never, ever out of style, and since it’s particularly on-trend this year, i should have dozens of options to choose from.  the trouble, of course, is finding “the one”…that perfect choice that’s sufficiently timeless, on-trend and with that little something extra that makes them really special.

i’m trying my best to track down a stylish, less-pricey option, and have come up with a few choices, but none that i’m head-over-heels in love with.

on paper, this version from j.crew ($325) is exactly what i thought i wanted: a wool-cashmere camel trench.  and the price is definitely right.  but it’s lacking that luxe factor i was hoping to find.  it’s just a little more all-purpose “utilitarian” chic than i wanted.

for a similar price point, i could pick up this version from talbots ($329).  i love that it feels a bit more dressed up, but i’m not sure it’s love.

Picture 12

the color on this version from theory ($645) isn’t quite right (it’s a little dark), nor is the style (i like a belted waist).  but i do like the sharp tailoring, and for some reason, camel under $800 is a hard find this season.

or, for a considerably larger investment, i could get the one i really love.  color’s perfect, styling is divine, and it’s actual camel hair, which explains the price tag.  this one is $1195 from burberry.

Picture 11

it’s a worthy splurge, to be sure – a camel coat really is forever.  but i couldn’t help weighing whether the splurgiest version (burberry, naturally) is, you know, proportionately more wonderful than the others.  and then there’s always the potential that something even more wonderful could come along later, and i’ll wish i had waited.  agh, the agony of the splurge!

this little exercise has helped…i think i’ve made up my mind.  but before i confess, i’m curious to know what you think.  be honest!

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6 comments on “splurge vs. steal: the camel coat

  1. Amanda

    Love the Burberry!

    I lucked out and got a similar one (not Burberry but a custom made coat in this style) at an estate sale last year for $25 AND it had a brand new pair of shorty brown leather gloves in the pocket.

    Hate the color of the Theory, although I have a similar coat (in styling, and in a true camel) that I got from Brooks Brothers a few years back and that I always get compliments on.

  2. SR

    Love love LOVE the Burberry but I wouldn’t be able to stomach the price – if it were me, after having fallen for the Burberry I’d keep my eyes open for something similar at a lower price point over the next few weeks. It’s still early enough in the season that some more options are sure to pop up soon!

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