a retail kind of weekend

a few little pretties that followed me home this weekend…

i finally picked a new epice scarf to add to my fall wardrobe.  yes, an investment, to be sure, but i wear these daily when the weather’s cold, and get more compliments on them than maybe anything else i own.  this one (it’s hard to tell in the photo) is a beautiful geometric swirl pattern of black, eggplant and olive green…totally unexpected and totally gorgeous.  covet, my favorite portland boutique, has finally gone online, and they have exactly one of these beauties left.

my old LAmade grey and white striped cardigan has finally breathed its last breath, i’m afraid, and it needed to be retired in style.  i’ve put in an order for this version from madewell…i’m hoping desperately that it’s the first thing i order from them which won’t underwhelm me.  it has sold out online, but i got them to locate one and ship it to me (bonus: free shipping on store-located items!).

i tried my very best to make this a happy threesome by adding a set of wind chimes from pigeon toe ceramics when i headed over to their open studio on friday, but alas, there were none to be had.  they very sweetly offered to special order them, but i was in an instant gratification state of mind.  i do, however, have to confess that this miniature sugar and creamer set is maybe the cutest thing i’ve ever laid eyes on.

i also managed to finally polish off a couple of books that have been lurking on my “nearly done” reading pile…but more on those later.

how did you spend your weekend?

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One thought on “a retail kind of weekend

  1. A

    thanks to you, I have located a boutique here in SF that stocks tons of Epice scarves – just a couple blocks from my office, no less.

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