sweet steals: 25% off sitewide at j.crew

in case you thought retail was doing better this year, i have news:  not so much.  i’ve been positively inundated with extraordinary friends & family deals this month, and this latest 25% off steal from j.crew (use code FALLSALE) is no exception.

so, how am i going to spend my $150 at j.crew?  i’m so glad you asked.  i’ll give you a little real-time glimpse into the frightful mess that is my online shopping routine…brace yourselves.

first up, pants.  i’ve recently realized i spend way too much of my life in denim (seriously, it’s frightening), and perhaps it’s time to branch out. and so, i’m debating the merits of these sweet straight-leg cords. but can a 30-something really get away with purple pants?

but then, i remember that j.crew’s vintage matchstick jeans fit me so well, perhaps i should just go with the matchstick cords in dark loden, and avoid the purple pants debate altogether.

hmm, speaking of the matchstick jeans…should i get a second pair while they’re on sale?  no, no, wasn’t i just saying i wear too much denim?  focus, b.

next up, i’m really in the market for a new black blazer…though my vince leather version is lovely, it’s not the most practical thing in the city of eternal rain.  perhaps this tuxedo version?  it’s a steal at $168, but i’m wondering how much i can dress this one down.

ooh, no…stop the presses. the tweed tatum jacket has my name all over it….right up until i see the $278 pricetag.  can i really spend that much on a blazer from j.crew?

next up would normally be sweaters, but i’m forced to bypass this section entirely, as i’m utterly over the sequins and ruffles that abound at j.crew lately.  could i see something without a chiffon rosette on it, please?

i did spot this heathered raglan tee recently in-store, and i can tell you it’s the perfect long-sleeved-tee/sweatshirt hybrid.  plus, i love that it has a scooped neck, rather than the crewneck that is so much more common on this style.  crews are just not a good look on girls with a large, um, presence on top.  this one, however, is extremely flattering.  i wanted it at full price, so i want it even more now that it’s on sale.  into the cart you go!

i’m intentionally avoiding jewelry…i never fail to convince myself i want another oversized, oversparkled necklace, only to get it home and realize they aren’t really jeans-and-cardigan fare.  but i could use a new belt.  love this dressage belt, but i wish it came in brown.  in black, it’s a maybe.

last but not least, i’m in desperate need of winter shoes…i have a surplus of boots and ballet flats, but i’d love a little something in between.  there are a few styles by minnetonka and quoddy on j.crew’s site that i’ve been eyeing, but they seem to have mysteriously vanished when this sale started.  i suspect they’ll be back on sunday morning.  sadly, j.crew has changed its shoe sizing in recent years, so i’m now perpetually between sizes.   so, i’m skipping the shoes to avoid temptation.

phew!  dear readers, thanks for hanging on this long…if nothing else, this little virtual spree has taken the panic out of my heart – if i miss the sale, i’ll be just fine.  but i strongly suspect those cords and the raglan tee will be on their way to me sometime between now and saturday, when the FALLSALE code goes the way of daylight savings…

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4 comments on “sweet steals: 25% off sitewide at j.crew

  1. A

    1. I have eggplant straight leg cords from JCrew. But 6 weeks away from thirtysomething.

    2. That dressage belt came in brown – I bought it, decided I am not a belt person, and just returned it this past week.

  2. Colleen

    I want the tuxedo jacket (in heather carbon), the multi-buckle belt in toffee, and the lace tulip mini in black. I have a J. Crew problem…

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