my kind of DIY

for those of you that have spied me moonlighting over at shelterrific this year, you’ll know i’ve been taking on a bit of DIY goodness this season.  since i’m feeling all warm and crafty inside, i couldn’t resist sharing this fun sale happening at rue la la today.  several different “make your own” companies have banded together and are selling some excellent customized wares for the holidays.  you can make a laptop case with a custom design or photo, custom chocolate bars, or – my favorite – design a necklace with your favorite gems, style, and metal from gemkitty.  getting all the credit for handmade gifts, without the mess, unexpected expenses, and endless trips to michael’s?  priceless.

oh, did i forget to mention the custom, organic beef jerky?  because nothing would say ‘happy holidays’ to the man in my life quite like a big bag of custom-created dried meats.  (sadly, i’m not being ironic or sarcastic.)

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