surprising style: talbots

i’m not sure if i’m getting older (gasp!) or if talbots is actually getting more chic (i’m pretty sure it’s the latter), but i’ve been noticing some seriously stylish pieces in their windows and on their website of late.  sure, they still have the twinsets and sensible heels, but they’ve started mixing in a few pieces each season that are surprisingly hip and full of style.  in fact, a lot of their styles remind me of a grown-up version of j.crew…minus the sequins and ruffles, which, frankly, i’m ready to do without.  ever the investigator, i dropped talbots a line, and they suggested i confirm my suspicions by testing out some of their styles.  how could i resist?

without blinking, i knew my first pick had to be this black military jacket, and it turned out to be the perfect choice.  the fit and styling was right on – a sleek, trim cut (that ran very true to size), great details, and beautiful fabric.

(my only complaint is that it could use a second button closure at the base of the lapel, but since i almost never button it, the point hardly seems worth bothering about.  besides, it’s nothing $15 and a trip to my favorite tailor couldn’t change.)

i’ve been dressing it down with denim and tees, but i could definitely see this styled for work with the right wide-leg pant, maybe in a plaid or a dark camel hue – though you’d want to leave the blazer buttoned-up for that look.  plus, it’s on sale now for $119…a steal for any blazer, but especially one this well made.  sizing’s a bit limited online, but who doesn’t have a talbots in their nearest mega-mall?

and as long as you’re shopping jackets, i have to show you this one too:

gorgeous, isn’t it?  also on sale ($149) – those leather buckle closures are just too perfect.  this one’s just calling out for skinny jeans and riding boots, but i’d love to see it with a slim black trouser too.

last but not least, i couldn’t resist testing out their cashmere, as my snobbery in this department is well-documented. i tried out the cashmere striped boyfriend cardigan, and was thoroughly impressed.  it also happens to be on super sale now (don’t you just love after-christmas sales?)…at $78, this is a serious no-brainer.

i’d definitely suggest sizing down in this piece – i ordered true to size, and wish i’d ordered down.  also, you might have sleeve-length issues if you’re over 5’8″ (as i am).  but the style is right on trend, i love the olive/oatmeal color combo, and the cashmere is simply wonderful.  it’s that thick-knit, low pile cashmere that never pills, never mats, and never causes a moment of stress…the perfect workhorse cardi.  and it’s exceptionally cute layered under a tweed blazer…trust me.

now that i’ve gotten started, i feel like talbots is my new secret spot to find style in a place i least expected it.  next on my wish list?  why, i’m so glad you asked…

sure, the ostrich thongs can wait until the weather warms, but those camel trousers are exactly the piece i’ve been looking for all season.  plus, i’m dying to try their pants!  i’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

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6 comments on “surprising style: talbots

  1. Melissa W.

    What a great looking jacket… on the model. One button blazers are everywhere right now and are driving me crazy (they just don’t work with a busty figure, am I right?). I never considered adding another button.

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    melissa, i hear you. but this one’s actually really flattering for a bustier woman – that’s something talbots does very well. and this would take a second button *very* easily…in fact, i looked for a buttonhole several times, because it feels like it should already be there.

  3. Kristina

    I was actually just in Talbots the other day trying on some brown cords. How did I miss that military jacket? I used their “find in store” option and reserved my size!

  4. Emily

    Just got that cardigan in the olive color! Their sale is at least 50% off right now, and with a promotional code, you can get an extra 10% off + free shipping! So I got it for $62 shipped! Very excited. Thanks for telling us about it!

  5. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    emily, thanks for the heads-up! did you find the coupon online? feel free to share…i bet everyone else would love to score that deal too 🙂

    glad you got the cardi – i think you’ll love it!

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