luxe or less: laptop tote

the agony of the ‘luxe or less’ debate haunts me a little too often, i have to admit.  do i buy the one i really adore, or do i save a substantial sum by going for the “almost there, but not nearly as spectacular” steal?

last week, for example, i succumbed to the “less” version of an hermes notebook i lost long ago (some little punk that broke my car window is now carrying hermes…can you believe it?!).  it’s a style i showed you in this year’s gift guides, and it’s lovely – in fact, in person, it’s better than the photos made it look.  it’s a dead ringer for my beloved hermes…but it’s just not the same.  still, in this case, when we’re talking $265 plus $60-80 for a refill, versus $35 including two refills (!), my frugality won out.

you can see how my bargain-buying tendencies have been pushed to the max.  so, i need some help if i’m going to brave the “luxe or less” debate yet again.  that’s where you come in, dear readers.

i’ve been looking for a great, ultra-slim laptop tote for months (hmm, probably more than a year, actually), and have now come across two that would work.  when it rains, it pours.  first, the luxe option – this divine tory burch “alice” quilted laptop case:

i go into palpitations just looking at this one!  the quilted leather, the slim profile, the subtle logo…it’s somehow professional and chic at the same time.  but at $195, for something i’m essentially using to tote my macbook over to starbucks to blog, it’s giving me pause.

in the “less” corner, we have this chevron-embossed version from acme made:

cute, right?  and not nearly as perfect as the splurge.  i know.  but it’s only $30, which helps immensely with the cute factor, i think.  still….oh, that tory burch version is just so lovely.

so, help me out, dear readers:  luxe or less?

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3 comments on “luxe or less: laptop tote

  1. Meagan

    My inclination is to go for the “less,” because it frees up more budget for handbags in which to stick your laptop. Way more important, in my opinion.

    On the other hand, if you’re using this EVERY day, then having a case you get a little thrill out of every time you pull it out is worth $200.

    So basically, I am unhelpful.

  2. Meredith

    If the price different wasn’t so great, I would say luxe. However, you would be the coolest cat in Starbucks if you strolled in with the Tory.

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