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From almost the very day we married, my darling Hubs has been asking, hounding, begging and cajoling me to let us have a sonicare toothbrush. He made a great case, but of course, he’s a gadget freak, so I generally assume I can function just fine in life without 90% of his “must haves.”  Also, I’m cheap, and there were electric toothbrushes at the drugstore for $11.99.  It’s hard to compete with that.

But then a reader emailed, asking if I happened to have tried a sonicare.  And there’s nothing I won’t investigate if a reader asks. So, I reached out to the folks at Philips, and they were kind enough to let me give one a try. Specifically, the Sonicare Flexcare Plus:

And now, I won’t let it out of my sight. Seriously, I travel with the damn thing. I’m that person. It really is that much better than the $11.99 drugstore version, though I’m loathe to admit that I was wrong and hubs was right. I’m one of those weird people that looks forward to her semi-annual dental cleaning with an inordinate amount of glee, so it’s safe to say I’m a bit of a nut about dental hygiene. And I honestly am just amazed at how much cleaner my teeth feel when I use this, versus my old electric or even a regular old manual toothbrush (remember those?). It’s that fresh-from-the-dentist feel, when you’re nervous to drink coffee for the rest of the day. It’s that good.

The best price I found for you is about $116 after rebate, which I realize is still an investment. All I can tell you is that if you’re a person that’s finicky about your teeth, you’re going to go bananas the first time you try it. And since you and your significant other can share the handle (the base includes a spot to store two brush heads, which it can also disinfect with UV rays…fancy!), it takes up very little counter space, a big deal in my tiny bathroom.

So, in conclusion:  the Sonicare, she is amazing. You want one.

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2 comments on “beauty buzz: sonicare flexcare plus

  1. jillian

    OMG! i got one of these a few months ago. it’s my first electric toothbrush…and it is glorious. WELL worth the money. i also love the little fancy cleaner thing. xoxo jcd

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