haute or not: j.crew khaki ankle pant

i have a deep-seated hatred for capri pants of all shapes and sizes, and am generally not a huge fan of “khakis” of any variety.  so, imagine my surprise when i found myself falling for this chic, ankle-grazing style from j.crew:

these aren’t a capri by any stretch of the imagination, of course, but i can’t help having flashbacks.  yet instead of stopping unflatteringly at the widest point on your calf as a capri would, these trousers point right to the narrowest part of your leg:  the ankle.  skinnies are on their way out, it’s true, but these feel tailored enough to survive the trend, and they’re just the thing to transition you seamlessly through those mid-season months.  they’ll look perfect with a low-shaft ankle bootie now, and are just begging for a ballet flat when the weather gets warm.  add a slouchy sweater or a trim navy blazer (more on that later…), and you’re ready for spring!

of course, there’s no denying that these are tricky…khaki’s never easy to pull off, nor is a slim cut, especially if you’re at all blessed in the hips/butt area (in which case, i’d probably just avoid these entirely).  but if you happen to have a slim, narrow bottom half (there’s a reason audrey hepburn made this style famous), these might just be the best addition to your closet this month.

so, what do you think?  haute or not?

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5 comments on “haute or not: j.crew khaki ankle pant

  1. M

    I noticed you say that skinny pants are on their way out… what kind of pants are on their way in? I really like the look of skinny pants tucked into riding boots – is that look over too?

  2. Shoppingscardio

    M: we’re about to hit the other extreme, I think – wide legs, high waists…very 70s. Not an easy look to pull off, but a classic wide leg with a mid rise is a good compromise 🙂 I think skinny trousers tucked into boots is always a chic look…even Betty Draper does it! Some styles are timeless. But I won’t mind seeing skinny jeans (and jeggings!) disappear one bit!

  3. Kristina

    These are a big “not” for me. I’m only 5’2″ and curvy on the bottom. I shudder to think how bad these would look on me!

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