currently coveting: be&d harley

a dear friend (thanks a lot, A) has me back in the mood for bags. i’d taken a hiatus from wanting any new arm candy…in fact, it’s been almost a year since i found something legitimately crave-worthy.  but here we are.

it’s be&d’s harley bag, and it’s just so right in so many ways.  i’ll be talking more about crossbody bags in a few days…they’re everywhere right now, i know.  which means, of course, that they’ll also be gone in a flash (in fact, i saw all totes and clutches on the fall 2011 runways).  and so, i’m not lumping this one in with the rest of the crossbody lot – i think it has serious long-term style potential.  that long chain strap can be doubled, much like a chanel chain strap, so it has all the versatility (and most of the uptown prep) without the name-dropping recognition.  plus, the combo of black, tan and that peony pink is just working for me this season.  the harley is one of the first things i’ve seen this year that’s making me feel ready for spring…and, as a girl who loves her scarves, cashmere and boots, that’s saying something.

at $550, i realize it’s a splurge for most of us.  but that’s still about half the price that most be&d bags retail for, so you’re getting a bag with serious high-end quality for a relative steal.  justification, it’s my game.

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