on the hunt: the perfect white tee

lately, i’ve been on a quest for the perfect white tee.  i know, it sounds trivial.  but really, the right white tee – the one that drapes just so, is sheer without being too revealing, and holds up to the kind of constant wear a classic like this gets – is an almost impossible find, particularly if you want to spend less than a paycheck to get there.

so far, i’ve tested james perse, alternative apparel, gap, american apparel, alexander wang, splendid, three dots, la made…oh, the list of tees in my drawer makes my head spin.  but the one that’s really impressing me right now is by a little company i’d never heard of until a wise friend mentioned them:  marine layer.

based in san francisco, and run by a guy who feels basically the same way i do about tees (they should be excellent, and they shouldn’t have to cost so damn much!), they’re dedicated to the simplest possible goal:  making soft, well-constructed, perfectly-fitting t-shirts.  and they do it surprisingly well.

their tees are just the right thickness, making them wearable without a layer underneath – you can thank the slub weave in the fabric for that.  the construction details are vastly superior to any of the lower-priced brands mentioned above, yet their price point isn’t much higher ($35 for a classic tee).  and they’re insanely soft and cozy, giving you that “ha, i got to go to work in my pajamas!” feel.  plus, i love that they only offer a v-neck style for women, as i’m firmly convinced it’s the most flattering for 99% of us.

while i’m still on the hunt for a dressier white tee to wear under blazers and the like, marine layer is definitely my new go-to for casual affairs.  oh!  plus, free shipping and free returns, and you know how much i heart that.

i’d love to know if you have any favorite go-to tees to suggest!

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10 comments on “on the hunt: the perfect white tee

  1. Jennifer

    thank you! i have tried many basic tees as well and i am always surprised at how poor the quality and fit are. the best tees i have found – in Canada – are from Joe and they are usually under $10 and wash extremely well. but it is much harder to find a nice lighter weight in a good quality so i will definitely pick up on of these tees. thanks

  2. Erin

    I always love BDG at Urban Outfitters, and best yet they’re 2 for $24! Only problem is that the black and white are ALWAYS sold out in my size 🙁

  3. alisa

    Oooh I definitely have some input on this one! Theory’s Juin or “Stay Juin” tees are a timeless staple for me. I bought a few from revolveclothing & nordstorm (with a coupon from the former) and they have withstood the test of time (and repeated washes) for the last two years. They have a bit of stretch which makes them super-flattering.

  4. Kristina

    I’m definitely getting one (or three)! I usually just stick with Gap and replace them every year. How does their sizing run? I’m always a Small at Gap, do you think I’d be a Small at Marine Layer?

  5. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    ooh fun, let me know how you like them! i’m a medium, and i went with that. but they have a handy dandy sizing tool that will tell you based on weight/height what size you’d be…and i found it to be very accurate 🙂

  6. Kristina

    Their sizing tool is prejudiced against short people! Neither my height nor my weight were on there. I think I’ll just go based off of what you said and order a Small! 🙂

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