friday finds: a hint of spring

happy friday, everyone!  i don’t know how things are looking where you are, but it’s been a whirlwind week of weather here in portland.  we went from blizzards yesterday to clear blue (and sunny!) skies this morning.  and so, i’m holding on to the hope that winter was just getting one last blast out of its cranky system, and praying for warmer days ahead.

speaking of spring, we can finally start looking forward to a higher waist, and a wider leg on our denim this spring.  can i get an amen?!  this pair of jeans popped up in my shop it to me alert (if you’re not trying it, you really should) this morning, and they’re definitely worth pointing out.  now, i don’t pick favorites when it comes to my denim…it would be like choosing a favorite child shoe.  but i can say with confidence that these paige hidden hills in twilight are the most comfortable jeans i own.  that’s not true of all of the hidden hills jeans (i have a few) – just this particular wash.  it’s due entirely to the fabric blend, which contains almost 20% spandex.  in other words, they’re essentially yoga pants you get to wear out on the town.  and now they’re on sale at piperlime for $119.  i’m seriously considering a back-up pair.

i’m still not totally on board with madewell…i’m annoyed that a brand that’s supposed to be a younger, cheaper version of j.crew is every bit as pricey, and i’ve had mixed luck with their pieces thus far.  but i am swooning so severely over their fernwood dress, i’m either going to lose consciousness or gain credit card debt.  one look at it, and i can hardly wait for spring.

as a rule, i tend to be skeptical of most clothing/accessories you can buy at macy’s (oh, the snobbery!).  but i spotted this rachel roy necklace in my worldwide wandering this week, and i’m a fan.  it’s a nice middle ground between last season’s gargantuan statement necklaces and the itty bitty pendants you’ll be seeing everywhere for spring, which makes it the perfect piece to buck the trend without going overboard.

and, speaking of jewelry, i can’t head off for the weekend without showing you christine mighion’s new weekend collection.  i love all of her designs, so it’s no surprise that i love this collection too.  it feels so casual, comfortable and clean – just like a perfect weekend.  and there are styles under $100, which is seriously remarkable from a fine jewelry designer.

have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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