oscars 2011: the fashion

sigh…the oscars really do feel like my version of the superbowl.  last night, we ordered pizza and watched the entire thing, from pre-game coverage to the very last hokey song by that elementary school choir, and made fun of absolutely everything along the way.  it was fabulous.

while i do love the awards, for me (as you might expect) it’s mostly about the fashion.  but i felt like there were slim pickings at the oscars this year…i’m not sure if most of the a-list stayed home, or if the red carpet coverage was lacking, but there just wasn’t as much glamorous goodness as i expect out of oscar night.  but still, i can’t resist a little armchair quarterbacking.

first, a few favorites:

even my hubs commented that nicole kidman must have made a deal with the devil to still look so amazing.  she was easily the most glamorous girl in the room in her dior haute couture, but for me, it was the red pierre hardy pumps that made the look.

i also loved scarlett johannson’s fitted dolce and gabbana lace sheath. it was utterly unlike anything i’m used to seeing her in, but i loved the shade (though it did not work with the red of the carpet), and the slightly less obvious sex appeal of the gown.  even if i am still annoyed with her for breaking poor ryan reynolds’ heart.

then there was jennifer lawrence, an actress i couldn’t pick out of a lineup. but she won a jaw-drop from me in what i thought was the most flawless gown of the evening. her red calvin klein collection gown fit and flattered her in every possible way, from every possible angle.  it just goes to show what simple can do.

speaking of calvin klein, gwyneth paltrow’s look screamed francisco costa’s name even before she confirmed it on the red carpet, and it was a flawless choice in every way.  i wasn’t a fan of the oversized dragon earrings, but we can’t win them all.

and i can’t resist giving credit to sandra bullock for showing up in full glam regalia.  her red vera wang was a perfect choice, and added a dose of personality and cheer, both of which she probably needed this year.  in the wake of all that bastard ex of hers is pulling, it takes one hell of a woman to continue to look this good, and present herself this well.  you go, sandra!

my award for best age-appropriate attire went to annette bening, who looked stunning and so elegant in her simple silver beaded column dress.

and last, hillary swank’s feathery gucci premiere gown caught my eye during the pre-show coverage, and i actually had to flip to the coverage on e! to check it out up close.  i was so happy to see her make a really feminine choice this time around, after years of more simple, clean choices.

as for the more questionable choices (i really didn’t see any huge misses this year – even helena bonham carter kept it tasteful!):  cate blanchett, who walks on water, as far as i’m concerned, made an interesting choice with her lavender chiffon givenchy haute couture.  the bottom was floaty and perfect, but i couldn’t take my eyes off the weird, matronly neckline and beading, or the sharp, apron-style shoulders.  was it daring, or did i just hate it?  i still can’t decide…

reese witherspoon wins my award for looking least like herself.  with the huge, poofed hair extension, and the incredibly safe (though lovely) armani prive dress, she felt more black-and-white ball than red carpet to me.  add the perturbed look on her face, and i’m guessing she’d rather have been at home snuggling with her new fiance.

and, okay, if i do have to pick a “least favorite”…it has to be marisa tomei’s vintage charles james gown, which was just so ill-fitting, and so wrong for her body type, i literally cringed for her.  she was at least two cup sizes short of filling out the top, and it didn’t flatter her in a single aspect.  also, she kept putting her hands to her stomach during every interview, which tells me she knew it wasn’t fitting well, and that makes it even worse.  a true oscar tragedy.

{all photos courtesy of reuters/getty images, with thanks}

of course, we can’t forget anne hathaway as host who, styled by the impeccably-paid rachel zoe, looked phenomenal throughout.  i only had a gripe with one of her many, many wardrobe changes, which is an impressive record with someone as disagreeable as i am.  though you can’t tell in these photos, that custom vivienne westwood couture (bottom right) was doing something very strange to her decolletage.  but i loved everything else, particularly that tuxedo by lanvin, which was spot on in so many ways, down to the pearl buttons on her shirt and those amazing brian atwood heels.

but enough about me.  what did you think?  what did you love?  hate?  can’t believe you saw?

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3 comments on “oscars 2011: the fashion

  1. A

    Jennifer Lawrence was my hands-down favorite – though Sandra Bullock was a very close second. Not of a fan of Nicole Kidman, especially her hair, or of Cate Blanchett (what was she thinking?!). Natalie Portman looked good from the neck down – her earrings looked more like they belonged on another part of her body. I felt bad for Amy Adams in her cap sleeved dress… she’s a tiny thing, but cap sleeves are so difficult to wear if one does not have bony arms and I think it was an unflattering choice (also didn’t dig her necklace over the high neckline).

  2. Aleya Bamdad

    My 2 favorites for the evening were Marissa and Mila, but my favorite hair was Reese Witherspoons. I need to get invited somewhere so that I can get a new pretty dress.

  3. Colleen

    I looved Cate Blanchett’s dress, and Mila’s and Hailee’s. I also liked Anne, Gwyneth, Scarlett, Sandra, and Marisa. I’m feeling purple now 🙂

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