styled alternatives: my off days

dear readers, i’m officially sick of winter. i’m sick of the constant drizzle, i’m sick of the wind, and – this is how you know it’s bad – i’m sick of my fall clothes.

it’s true.  the moment i feel that first crisp chill of fall, i race for my cashmere and my boots, and i layer my little heart out.  i’m a model of multi-toned, multi-textured goodness.  it’s a bit of work to put those multi-element ensembles together, sure, but i’m so excited to have my fall clothes back, i can’t resist the challenge…in fact, i relish it.

fast forward to the first day of march, and it’s enough.  i’m exhausted!  i’m still freezing, but all of my styling mojo is completely out the window.  and so, until spring rolls around, i’m afraid you’re going to see a lot more of me in ensembles that could only charitably be called socially acceptable outside your favorite gym.  fortunately, i’ve tracked down a few lounge basics stylish enough to brave the elements without thoroughly embarrassing myself.

naturally, we turn first to alternative apparel.  they are my definitive go-to for slouchy, comfy, casual pieces that i don’t have to feel guilty about wearing out of the house.  i spotted their slouchy eco-heather pullover the other day, and it’s an absolutely perfect, thin-but-warm fabric, body-skimming-but-cozy cut.  and it’s not cropped, for which i’m grateful.  bonus: it would be lovely layered over a striped button-down, if i ever get the energy again.  for a considerably larger sum, i could also nab this gorgeous vince cowl sweater (odd name, as i don’t see a cowl anywhere).  it’s considerably more polished, yet would also work wonderfully well with my sweats.

as for the trickier bottom half, these days it’s a good day if i reach for my most cozy, soft, broken-in jeans – my joe’s socialites, to be precise.  the rest of the time, i’m yearning for a leggings-worthy body, but as that’s not coming any time soon, i’ll grudgingly substitute one of the following:  my gap denim leggings (no, i will not use the “j” word), but only to be used in combination with a hip-skimming sweater and tall boots (the combination is key); or my alternative apparel lounge pants.

(a few notes about the lounge pants.  first, i realize it’s really not okay to wear these out.  particularly if worn with the matching alternative apparel sweatshirt.  that would be weird, even for me.  however, try the lounge pants with a slightly fitted, tunic length cashmere sweater, and i think you’ll find yourself sorely tempted to at least give “lounge chic” a try this weekend.)

as for styles, i personally prefer the chrissy (center) if i’m cold, and the eco-heather long pant (right) if i’m not.  both are insanely, unbelievably comfortable, and guaranteed to almost make you forget to care how you look leaving the house in sweats.  that reminds me…i need a new pair of those eco-heathers.

as for shoes, it’s all i can do not to leave the house in my ugg slippers (no, seriously…the other day, i got halfway to peet’s before i realized i was still wearing my slippers.  in my defense, i did immediately turn around to go home and change.  but still.)  so, i’m leaving a pair of these patagonia maha slip-ons by the front door, as a reminder to consider trading up to a considerably more respectable option.  these weigh literally nothing, and are as comfy as tennis shoes without the bulk, the laces or the soccer mom stigma.

rest assured, you’ll be hearing this same speech in august, when i’m so tired of my summer clothes, i’ll be regressing to nothing but tanks and short skirts.  but for now, do you have any words of encouragement to get me out of my style slump?  or are you suffering too?

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One thought on “styled alternatives: my off days

  1. Kristina

    I’m suffering right along with you. I can’t wait to pack away my sweaters, paint my toes, and break out the sandals and spring dresses! I think it’s supposed to get up to 40 here today… It’s a start!

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