currently coveting: kate spade scout

it’s been quite literally years since i’ve wanted a bag from kate spade.  but when the brand comes back, it’s back with a bang!  this sweet little scout bag has made the rounds in the blogosphere, and has had a full-page ad in every single spring magazine, but its overexposure isn’t stopping me from some very serious coveting.  tiny crossbody bags are insanely big for spring, and this one just takes that carefree, dashing-across-the-street-to-hail-a-cab-while-wearing-polka-dots thing to a whole new level.

(by the way, i just now noticed the model is wearing polka dots. i swear. weird, right?)

i can tell it’s bad because i don’t just want one.  i want a whole candy-colored rainbow of them!

my only heartbreak here is that the orange, my favorite, only comes in the smaller size, which is seriously itty bitty.  i guess i’ll need one orange and a larger version in the hot pink.  it’s the only solution, right?

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5 comments on “currently coveting: kate spade scout

  1. Shoppingscardio

    Laura, so weird! I only see pink, white, yellow and cognac when I look at the larger size…hmm.

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