desired/acquired: my green bag

well, would you look at the little cutie that followed me home this weekend?

finally, i have that green bag craving out of my system!  since it’s physically impossible for me to pay full price for something (seriously, it’s a disorder), my sweet mama shared an invite she’d received from cole haan offering 25% off in their stores this thursday, 3/8 – an offer my flamboyantly fabulous salesperson at nordstrom was sweet enough to match for me.

(oh, you didn’t know nordstrom did that?  one of the many, many reasons i love them so.)

this bright, yummy shade is maybe a little too happy for those dark winter days, but with spring on the horizon, it will be the perfect warm-weather companion.  plus, i love the ladylike styling contrasted with the bold color – it’s the perfect dose of classic with a twist.

incidentally, if you’re wishing you’d gotten that email about the cole haan event, leave me a comment and i’ll pass it along.  always glad to pay it forward!

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9 comments on “desired/acquired: my green bag

  1. a

    Love it! I finally saw that one in person this weekend myself (also at Nordstrom). My green Tory bag came (snagged it at 20% off, not too bad) but am up in the air about it…

  2. Cece

    THe color is perfect for spring, and would be amazing in matching shoes! How long is the 25% offer valid for?

  3. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    cece – it’s a one-night-only kind of thing, as it’s tied to a private event at the cole haan stores. so, it’s good thursday evening, 3/10 🙂

  4. Cece

    Fine by me, good excuse to see their new spring goodies! I would love a copy of the coupon! Thanks!

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