test case: rebecca and drew

confession: it’s been literally years since i’ve owned a button-down shirt. i’ve never been able to find one that fits well, being a girl that’s blessedly endowed. if it fits in the bust, it’s unflatteringly baggy everywhere else. and a trim fit in the body leads to that oh-so attractive button gap issue. since i refuse to wear clothes that regularly require the use of double-stick tape, i’d just accepted that button-downs, like turtlenecks, are not something i wear well.

but then, genius! i came across the brilliant minds of rebecca and drew, and it was like i’d found kindred spirits. they understood my plight, and – even better – had a solution! button down shirts sized by bra size, and reinforecd by double-button closures in the dreaded “gap zone”. (seriously, how has no one thought of the double-button thing before? it’s life-changing, i’m telling you.) suddenly, i’m wearing button-down shirts again, with everything from blazers to boyfriend jeans. (i’m also now seriously coveting one of their shirt dresses, but that’s another story.)

my only caution would be about length – i’m on the tall side (5’8″), but even though i tried the long size, it’s just barely long enough. i’d order long if you’re 5’5″ or taller, and if you’re much over 5’9″, you might want to try their tunic length (as i probably should have). but otherwise, go forth and be chic (and gap-free!).

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