currently coveting: kara ackerman jewelry

originally, this was going to be a “worthy splurge” post, all about how important it is for every woman to have a piece of fine jewelry in her collection that she bought for herself.  it’s empowering, and it feels amazing to treat yourself so well. (i still have a silver tiffany ring i bought myself way back in my early 20s, and i cherish it purely because i did it myself!)

i planned to use as an example this stunning diamond pave hinged bangle from kara ackerman, a designer i’m coming to love more with every new piece she releases.  this bangle stole my heart at first sight, and has been on my wishlist for ages, but i imagined the price being prohibitive.  when i saw it was $400? for diamonds?  that’s a worthy splurge indeed.


but then, the bangle was featured in instyle magazine this month, and proceeded to sell out…in three days.  and i was so sad i hadn’t shown it to you!  i emailed the designer, asking about restocking plans, and she did me one better: she’s re-created the bracelet in an equally stunning white topaz, for half the price.  and truly, after chatting with kara about this one, neither she nor i can tell the difference at a glance.  really, i know $200 still isn’t pocket change…but i couldn’t, in good conscience, cast this lovely as an unattainable splurge, now could i?

of course, if the diamond version just means more to you (and believe me, no one would understand that better than i), kara tells me she’ll be glad to make one for any of my readers if you give her studio a call.  but otherwise, just tell yourself that the diamond version suddenly went half off!

i can’t leave you with just one of kara’s beautiful pieces…her entire site is just full of covet-worthy beauties, all at prices that i found shockingly fair.  so, a bit of eye candy for you:

from top: judie necklace, $475; white topaz stacking rings, $100 ea.; tortoise shell cuff, $400; audrey mini pave diamond studs, $300.

happy coveting, friends!

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4 comments on “currently coveting: kara ackerman jewelry

  1. Arrs

    Yum. I esp love the necklace. I would say that your custom bangle is much more valuable than the diamond one, since it was made especially for you. What a lovely story. Can’t wait to see it on you. xo.

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