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Ines de la Fressange’s book, Parisian Chic, releases today…and, if you haven’t already seen it mentioned in the pages of virtually every fashion magazine in print this spring, allow me to introduce you.  When the press copy of this book arrived in my mailbox, I opened it up for a quick flip-through.  An hour later, I realized I’d been sucked in…but still didn’t manage to put it down until I got to the very last page.  It’s that lovely.

Now sure, I’m a long-time devotee of the simple, classic, innate style all French women seem to possess.  And granted, it’s been so long since I got to travel internationally that I’ve been borderline obsessed with all things European of late, particularly as they relate to Paris.  But even if you’re not a girl who reads Garance Dore’s blog first thing every morning, beelines for Vogue Paris in the bookstore, and daydreams about being able to wear an Hermes scarf with effortless ease (yep, guilty on all counts), you’re going to find so much to love in this book.

What did I tell you?  You already want to know what each of those girls is wearing, and “have to have” at least one thing pictured…if not every last one.  Am I right?

Never fear.  In the book, fashion icon Ines de la Fressange gives you a great list of the classic wardrobe pieces every Parisian woman counts on, and adds styling tips to help you make the look your own.  But she also gives you the inside scoop on all of her favorite French boutiques, from well-known favorites to tiny gems I’d never heard of.  Let me assure you, you’ll spend a considerable amount of time surfing her picks when you should be working.

But mostly, Parisian Chic – miracle of miracles – made me feel better about the clothes I already have.  It reminded me it’s not about the latest, most trendy item on the runways.  It’s about simple, chic staples that you can wear dozens of different ways.  It’s about what looks best on your body, not the body of the latest “It Girl.”  And sometimes, it’s about knowing when to take that list of chic must-haves from a well-known stylish girl, and turn it on its head.  After all, a cognac Kelly bag works for a lot of women, and your bright yellow handbag might not be de rigeur for every Parisian, but if it brightens your day and makes your style unique, embrace it!

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4 comments on “must read: parisian chic

  1. Kristina

    Love the photos and everyone one of those outfits! Are these from the Parisian Chic book? I am going to pick that up – thanks for the tip. Love your blog too … I am always inspired by your tips and suggestions.

  2. DL

    thanks again for the recommendation 🙂 i definitely agree with your assessment of this book – while i liked the tips she gave, it felt equally reassuring and empowering to remind ourselves that fashion stems from confidence and knowing what works best with our bodies.

    loving this book – what a great way to kick off spring reading! and now i want to go to paris…

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