Happy Friday!  It’s been a long week here at SMC HQ, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to save our usual “finds” for next week.  But I did want to share a few pieces of fun news.

First up, the red trousers arrived – and they’re actually pretty fabulous (especially for $39).  They ran very true to size, and are a great color and cut, shockingly.  I wore them to a truly fantastic event last night here in Portland, and they made me feel extremely fashion-y, in the midst of a very fashionable crowd.  There was some drama regarding whether or not to tuck in my shirt, but I’ve officially decided the high waist pant with tucked-in shirt is too high-risk.  The leg-lengthening and waist-whittling properties are offset exponentially by the tummy-enhancing factor.  But, as long as you’re staying untucked (or have board-flat abs), I highly recommend them.

Second, and probably most exciting, check out my score from The Outnet‘s 2nd birthday sale!  It’s a beautiful Valentino tweed jacket, it retailed for $4,505, and I bought it for $2!!  I can hardly contain myself.  I’ve been wanting a Chanel tweed since…well, since birth, probably.  Sure, it isn’t Chanel, but it’s Valentino – not exactly a compromise.  And it was $2.  So, I can happily cross this one off my life list.

{Update: if you’re dying to know how I scored the deal, it’s a long story, but you can get the details here.}

And last but not least, I’d love to have you weigh in on my ramblings over at Shelterrific this morning – I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to decorate my house for Easter without it looking like a Dollar Store delivery truck exploded on my front step.  To be honest, it all started when I started thinking about my Nana’s vintage Steiff collection, and got an inexplicable urge to buy a vintage Steiff bunny for Easter.  Maybe I’ll wait until the week after…

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  I’m crossing my fingers that my world will be back to normal next week.

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5 comments on “friday…notes

  1. Kristina

    A $2 Valentino jacket? How on earth did you manage a score like that?! I’ve never seen anything remotely close to that price on the Outnet. Totally jealous! 🙂

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    LOL, I totally should have explained that. I forget sometimes that people have real lives and do things other than read press releases and shop 🙂 I just posted a link to the deets up above, but it was a special birthday event The Outnet did. They had a lottery to pick people to shop the sale, and everyone in got to buy one item for $2. Major score!

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