for the dads: richer poorer

I generally steer away from Father’s Day gift guides, if only because…YAWN. Ties, barbecue accessories, maybe a retro-inspired radio…it just never changes. But, a friend dropped me a line to let me know she’s launched a new venture, and the timing was so perfect, I had to pass it on.

Richer Poorer is a new line of men’s socks. That sounds dull, I realize, but hear me out. Best men’s socks ever! They’re not cheesy or metro, just hip – and a vast deal more stylish than your dad’s old argyle versions (which probably have holes in them anyway). Plus, they’re extremely well-made, with a fine-weave cotton blend that feels soft but sturdy, nicely reinforced toes, and enough elastic that I didn’t have to pull these up once all day when I tried them out. What else could you ask for?

From left: the Bread Winner in navy, Poindexter in black, Sleepwalker in teal, Hunter in blue

Oh, I know…a discount! How about 25% off your order with code PAPA2011, and free shipping on 2 or more pairs? Really, could you ask for an easier Father’s Day gift?

The sad thing is that they only come in men’s sizes…but since my feet are gigantic, that suits me just fine. I have a feeling, if you’re at least a 9 or higher, you’ll be stealing these from your dad’s dresser every chance you get.

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