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This Isabel Marant “Reilly” jacket from her Spring 2011 collection has been haunting me. First, I spotted it…

Then I spotted it being worn so casually and beautifully by Anja on Garance Dore’s blog:

Then I spotted it being worn in a bit more uptown style by Blake Lively and Katie Holmes (via coolspotters).

Then I spotted it in Lucky with a perfectly-layered, hip downtown vibe.

Sadly, spotting it is all I’ll be doing. It would set me back anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500 (there are a few different trim versions floating around out there) – and it’s been sold out for months. I’m thinking a few alternatives may be in order.

The first option is by Roberto Cavalli – it’s the priciest of the bunch at $560, but the style is also the closest. That said, there’s a bit more boho to this version than I’d like. The sequined jacket from Tory Burch ($348, on sale) has the embellished trim I love, but the rest is a bit more subdued. I quite like this Verona jacket from J.Crew (bonus that it’s on sale for a bizarrely reasonable $99) – it has the same silhouette and feel as the original, but it definitely doesn’t stand out in a crowd. And last, this floral bomber style jacket from Manoush ($253) definitely has the vibe of the Marant, even if the color palette is decidedly different.

So, what do you think? Do any of these styles come close to the original?

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2 comments on “luxe or less: isabel marant

  1. Serena

    Love this! Thanks to this post, I ordered the J.Crew jacket this past weekend and it was even more on sale – $49! Can’t wait for it to come in the mail…thank you!

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