friday finds: spring in my step

Happy Friday, friends!  This week’s list has a definite theme, though I’m not totally ready to examine what it says about me. All of the spring shoes I’m loving lately have just the tiniest touch of granny chic. Sure, maybe I’m getting sensible in my old age (and really, doesn’t a nice moderate heel and an orthopedic comfy footbed sound really, really good right about now?), but I could also be way ahead of the fashion curve. Regardless, I’m pretty sure these just might be adorable.

I actually tried out this cute little Tova style by Naya recently. I was nervous…they definitely walk the “hippie crunchy” line, but they’re so fun in person, I’m willing to forgive them. The pale pink/lavender shade is a surprising neutral – makes a great stand-in for nude, and is ultra-flattering even if you aren’t tan ever yet. There’s enough substance to this strappy style to stand up to being worn with jeans, but the heel’s short enough that you can pull these off with shorts (without looking like a streetwalker). And ohhh, the comfy. Seriously…wearing a shoe like this reminds that maybe the hippie crowd has a point. Maybe.

Frye never lets me down…they hit it out of the park every single time. This sweet little Emma woven flat reminds me of those huarache sandals I used to wear when I was young. They come in a rainbow of fruit flavors colors, but my favorite is this red. It’s more brick than cherry in person, which tones it down just enough to make it work with, well, everything. Plus, they’re a great option for those of you who can’t wear sandals to work (or who are just in dire need of a pedicure). A little tip: I’d go down at least a half size on these.

And now we get to the really scary part. The part where I tell you that I’m pretty sure the next shoe I buy this season will be from Kork-Ease. But look how cute!

Right? I also quite like the pale grey version. And I’m sorry, but they look an awful lot like the K.Jacques I’ve been wanting for two years, but for which I refuse to shell out $250. At $99, I’m thinking these could be an excellent substitute.

This sweet little fuchsia espadrille is by a designer called Eric Michael, who I’ve never heard of. I’m having a hard time deciding whether these are Sophia Loren or Sophia from The Golden Girls…but either way, I think they’re adorable. I’m highly finicky when it comes to espadrilles – wedges in general, really – but these feel like they’re just begging to salsa their way through a street fair. Or, you know, carry me down to Starbucks for a cappuccino.

So, friends, what’s the verdict? Have I lost my mind? Been in Portland too long? Or am I just so far ahead of the trend, I’m starting one of my own?

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