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I have these weeks when I think I’ve seen all the fashion there is to see, and nothing will ever excite me again. This is, of course, great news for my bank account, but it’s terrible news for the writer in me. And so, whenever despair hits, I give myself a couple of days off, pray for a new copy of Bazaar or Vogue to land in my mailbox, and – when all else fails – turn to European fashion sites. That nearly always works…especially since most either don’t ship to the US or they charge so much I can’t bear to even think of buying.

Today, I’ve been browsing Matches, a much-lauded, painfully chic department store in London. I think of it as the British version of Barneys. They’ve recently started shipping to the US – but fortunately, shipping is $45. Just enough to restrain me from impulse buys, but reassuringly available if I found something I really and truly couldn’t live without.

But the best news? Every single one of those pieces is at least 50% off, and the vast majority are under $300. Plus, you get an extra 20% off with code MFR2985 – talk about temptation!

A L C blue dress, $269
3 1 Phillip Lim dress, $543
Marc by Marc Jacobs geometric dress, $133
DAY Birger et Mikkelsen sleeveless dress, $230
Beyond Vintage top, $237
DVF Bryssa top, $162
DVF Brutus leather jacket, $578
Cacharel floral print skirt, $230
3.1 Phillip Lim gold pants, $232
Anya Hindmarch peacock feather shoes, $144
Lanvin handbag, $995
Sophia Kokosalaki gold bracelet, $285

One little tip: when browsing these sites that are bound to tempt you, start in the sale section. Since European styles tend to hit the US a bit later, their end-of-season castoffs are your brand new ideas. Plus, you’ll see a more edited (less overwhelming) selection…and, hello, sales are always a good thing! Just do make sure you’re shopping in your native currency…it’s easy to think something’s a steal in GBP, only to be bitterly disappointed when you see the USD on your credit card statement.

Happy hunting!

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