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Wow, this week is running away from me at lightning speed, friends…forgive me if I’m a bit more absent than usual.

As we’ve previously discussed, I’m slightly concealer-challenged, particularly when it comes to application methods. I’ve tried brush after brush, and have finally decided that a fingertip is really the best tool. But of course, fingers are tricky – they can add oil to an area that really doesn’t need it, and it’s hard to get a flawless application with a less-than-flawless tool.

Enter the BeautyBlender.

Isn’t it cute? I kept the packaging for a week after I started using it, because I was so taken with the cuteness. Fortunately, this baby isn’t just about looks. It’s literally changed my world when it comes to concealer application. Because the surface is so smooth, and so perfectly contoured to the shape of your face’s natural curves, it’s translated to the end of smeared, uneven concealer jobs at my house. Plus, I’m quite glad to no longer be dipping my fingers into my concealer pot every day, which will keep it from getting grimy over time. It also, by the way, does a seamless job of applying and blending eyeshadow, and I would imagine it does a bang-up job on blush, if I used it. I’m still too lazy to try using it for my foundation and powder, but I have a feeling it’d be perfect there too.

The only snag in all this perfection is the storage situation. You’re supposed to let the Blender hang out on top of the bottle of cleanser that comes in the set, which is great in theory, but since the Blender is built like a Weeble, it doesn’t always stay where you put it. Plus, of course, it means one more thing on the counter, which none of us really need. Maybe I should have kept that cute packaging a bit longer. Ah, hindsight…

Still, though, I think it’s worth that little bit of effort to reap all of the BeautyBlender’s benefits – and, though I’m loath to spend $20 on a sponge, I know I’ll be buying a replacement when this one bites the dust (in about 3 months, says the package insert…which I’m translating to mean 6). The BeautyBlender solo is $20, but your best bet is this $40 set that comes with two blenders and the cleanser you need to keep it clean.

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3 comments on “beauty buzz: the beautyblender

  1. kristina

    I love the Beautyblender and I use it for my foundation daily! I sing it’s praises to anyone who will listen. I swear the clouds broke and angels sang the first time I used it! Foundations I hated and just had taking up space I ended up loving when I used it with this (including powder foundation). I was even afraid of cream blush until I tried it with the Beautyblender.
    And yes…I store it in the little insert in the container that the sponge is hanging in.

    (Do NOT try the knock-off at Target in an attempt to save a few $. It is far inferior.)

  2. adriana

    this product sounds so interesting. it actually looks like its floating in the photo. How do you clean it? Also does it dry out and get all hard after cleaning?

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