new for fall: john robshaw textiles

Good morning, friends! What a weekend for all of you on the East Coast! I hope each and every one of you is safe, comfortable and back to normal today.

In the spirit of comfort, I thought I’d show you all something that brings me endless comfort. There’s something particularly calming and light about John Robshaw’s textiles. He draws inspiration from the farthest corners of the world, and brings them home in a way that’s familiar and comforting, but still with a touch of the exotic. Of course, the fact that his fabrics are literally the lightest, finest cotton I’ve ever laid hands on doesn’t hurt. Seriously, once you own a piece, you’ll find yourself compulsively petting it for no apparent reason…it’s that good.

His new collection for fall just launched, and it’s a particular beauty. I’ve fallen for all of those lush indigos and violets, but I know there are neutral-lovers among you who are going to love all those warm, pale shades of brown. Can’t you just see yourself snuggling into that bed at night?

If you do nothing else for yourself this week, order one of those beautiful cotton robes. It’s almost an anti-robe, really…so light and soft, it all but evaporates when you put it on. There’s many a morning when the promise of drinking my morning tea in that robe is all that gets me out of bed.

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