welcome, sponsor! acanthus jewelry

Friends, I have a couple of new sponsors to introduce you to…and, as always, I hope you’ll give them a wonderfully warm welcome. Not only are they incredibly talented, stylish designers, but they’re fantastic people, each and every one.

Today, I’m excited to show you the latest and greatest from Acanthus Jewelry. Her designs have such a beautiful, delicate aesthetic – I can imagine wearing any of her pieces my whole life long. The newest collection at Acanthus is just the tiniest bit edgier than some of her other pieces, but still has plenty of that femininity I adore. I’m a huge, huge fan.

That chevron locket just belongs on my neck – the longer length is so fresh and chic, I know I’d never take it off. Luckily, her pieces are incredibly affordable – most are under $100, in fact. Definitely worthy of giving yourself a little weekday treat, don’t you think?

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