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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a die-hard Anglophile. High tea, the Parliamentary system, Alexa Chung…I love it all. But I especially love the fashion (hello, Burberry and Alexander McQueen!). Fortunately for us mere mortals, Brit style goes far beyond runway-only fare. There are a bevy of special, yet accessible, brands based in the UK that we get no part of here in the States. Fortunately, one of my favorites has changed all that.

LK Bennett is getting loads of attention lately for being a favorite brand of a certain Duchess of Cambridge (she wears their shoes almost daily), but my fascination began long before that. This brand, a long-time favorite in the UK, is one of my top picks for impeccable cuts, classic and timeless styles, and some of the most divine shoes you’ll find anywhere.

lk bennett

Clockwise from top left: Tina dress, $360; Rhian Jacket, $475; Cordua blouse, $215; Christa dress, $315; Helen Coat, $555; Greek Shoe Leopard, $280; Sledge Patent leather heels, $280; Bank Shoes, $360.

Fortunately for my obsession, LK Bennett is hopping the pond, and is now available in the States. I couldn’t be happier! Their pieces just have a way of making you instantly look and feel two inches taller and ten pounds lighter – I don’t know how they do it. They add curves where there were none, nip and tuck like nothing else – the tailoring truly is a wonder to behold.

If you buy nothing else this season (the horror!), update your standard-issue black dress with LB’s signature “Tina” dress (far left, above). I put it on, and honestly, had no idea where all of those racy curves appeared from. I think they must have arrived with the dress. This beauty brings the “little black dress” myth to reality. There is literally no way you could help but feel amazing wearing it. The body-conscious silhouette reminds me of something from Victoria Beckham’s line, but the strategic ruching and pleating does what years of dieting hasn’t: works wonders to make your body look simply astounding.

And, okay, while you’re at it, you should get a pair of shoes. There’s a reason these shoes are beloved by everyone’s favorite new royal. They are as beautifully made as any of my hyper-expensive shoes, though considerably less pricey (though by no means a steal, I realize). The construction and attention to detail are flawless, the fit is impeccable – everything from their classic platform pump to the party-only stiletto, are perfection.

Buying from these UK brands I so adore can be tricky, unless you want to pay an astronomical international shipping fee. But, I’m never one to let anything stand in the way of fashion. So, I have solutions! First, LK Bennett has a few pieces available at Nordstrom (including that amazing Tina dress) – doesn’t get much easier than that.

See anything you can’t live without?

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  1. Emily

    Love all of these picks! I’m going to make a trip to the Atlanta store this weekend for a pair of those platform pumps… (Also loving your posts on Corporette this week!)

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