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Every year, I (try to) splurge on a beautiful new coat for fall. After all, no one sees the vast majority of my outfit for at least six months of the year in this rainy climate, as it’s covered up by some sort of outerwear. So, I think I’m entitled to a few fantastic choices. Right? Whatever I choose has to be be fun (yes, coats should definitely be fun!), luxe and always make me feel gorgeous…it’s the least I deserve in the midst of all this rain. This season, I’m set on red, and there are a few options I’m swooning for.

DVF Mikhaila coat (previously blogged, but I can’t get enough!), $745

Reiss 40th Anniversary Lilac coat, $935.

J.Crew Symphony coat, $350.

Then again, I could switch the whole thing up and go pink. I know, red is a statement and all that, but I have to tell you – I once owned a pink coat, and I never received as many compliments on anything I owned than I did on that coat. (Which was, incidentally, picked out by the hubs…a fact he loves to point out).

J.Crew Majesty peacoat, $245.

Smythe Mini coat, $895

Or I could ditch the trend and go with a color I’ve been loving for years. This bright kelly green would be the perfect antidote to grey rainy days, and I know from experience that it’s more neutral than it appears at first glance.

DVF Harrington wrap coat, $695

As evidenced by the lovely Leighton Meester…

What coats are you craving this season?

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