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Happy Friday, everyone…what a week it’s been! I’ve hardly had time to breathe, let alone blog, but that hasn’t stopped me from amassing quite a list of Friday Finds. Even when I’m swimming in things to do, I always manage to find time to covet.

First, I’ve found a new love: BeautyAddicts’ “Double Deception” concealer. The right half is lighter and creamier, so it’s perfect for under the eyes, and the left side works wonders for the rest of your face. It’s all very Alice in Wonderland/magic caterpillar mushroom, but the results are flawless.

I’m obsessing a little over wanting a new pair of ankle boots for the fall. While I’m terrified of light-colored suede for a number of reasons (rain in Portland + denim = blue stripes all over my boots. Not cool.), these are calling to me. And, at $120, I can actually afford to listen.

Have you seen the latest goodies at J.Crew? I’m obsessed with a couple of things: specifically, this tweed jacket and that sequined top. Truthfully, I dream of being able to pull off sequins for day, and I’m thinking if ever there was a reasonable candidate, it’s this one.

And speaking of glitz and glam, I am fascinated by this ring. I can’t exactly figure out how it would look on, but how wrong could it be? I’m smitten.

Even though I’m mad as hell at Target over my whole Missoni debacle, I have to show you this Sonia Kashuk brush set. The brushes are great, the metallic tweed clutch is adorable (and actually cute enough to be carried as a clutch), and the whole thing is $25. I’d have bought the clutch alone for that price, so consider the brushes a highly useful bonus.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. I’m hoping to spend a couple of hours with my husband and George Clooney…and I’ll see you back here next week!

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One thought on “friday finds

  1. Jocy

    OK, my beauty queen friend, I have to ask: what is the verdict on SK II “miracle water”? Have you heard of it, used it? I need your advice. An email to you is long overdue, but I’ve had difficulty finding enough time to write a proper response. Hugs.

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