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I am oh, oh, oh-so-excited to show off our latest sponsor, friends. Not just because I’m thrilled to have them on board, but because they’re one of my very favorite stores in Portland (though the store is actually Canadian by birth – Portland is their only US outpost). And they’ve finally (finally!) launched their e-commerce site! Now I can show you all of my favorites there without feeling badly that you can’t rush right in and indulge.

When I’m describing Moulé to friends that are visiting, I tend to call it a “baby Barneys” (but with much less scary price points). It has that cool, downtown vibe, but with a gift for picking special pieces that never fail to become the standout staples in my closet. Every single piece I find at Moulé (and believe me, I’ve found a few) ends up being a favorite. You’ll find brands you know like Joe’s Jeans and Majestic tees, but you’ll also find brand new names to love, like Liebenskind handbags and Les Petites knits. And don’t even get me started on the jewelry.

One thing Moulé has that (almost) no one else does: a full range of owner Rachel Mara‘s stylish designs. You might remember Rachel from some of my magazine work here in town – she’s a fashion icon for me in a big way. While her fall collection has sold out fast, you’ll want to keep an eye on the site for the first sign of resort. Rachel is famous for the most beautiful silk prints, and it’s easy to become an obsessed collector.

Didn’t I tell you? Head on over to Moulé and show them some SMC reader love, won’t you?

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4 comments on “welcome, sponsor! moulé

  1. Serena

    I’m not familiar with Moule, but those booties are amazing and I’m going to their website now to check it out!

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