ivillage bonus holiday tip #2

Welcome back, iVillage peeps! I hope you have your holiday gifting list all set now, and are ready to move on to the fun part – shopping! Today’s challenge tips are my secret formula for surviving Black Friday, but my best advice is to avoid it altogether.

BONUS TIP #2: Think Outside the (Big) Box

Black Friday has a siren song not many of us can resist. But there are better ways to spend your holiday weekend than duking it out over the last Tickle Me Elmo at your local Target. Instead of heading straight for the big box retailers on the day after Thanksgiving, head to your favorite local, independent stores and see what’s on offer. Often, they’ll have deals to rival the big chains, and you’ll have warm fuzzies from supporting local business (not to mention avoiding those mall parking lots!). Here in Portland, local shops have teamed up to create their own event for Black Friday – shoppers will get prizes, discounts, and all sorts of goodies. I’m guessing we’re not alone – check around for similar events in your area.

Need an extra incentive? American Express is sponsoring its second annual Small Business Saturday event this year. Pre-register your AmEx card, and get a $25 statement credit if you shop at a small business on Saturday, 11/26.

Also, don’t forget to check your favorite blogs for deals from brands and shops way outside the box. Here at SMC, we’ll be offering an exclusive Black Friday deal from one of our favorite designers – you won’t want to miss it!

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