resolved: a beautiful 2012

Hi, friends! I’ve missed you so. How was your holiday season? I hope each and every one of you rested, relaxed, and ate much too much (but not so much that your jeans are tight today).

I’m running a little late today, but I can hardly be blamed. With new markdowns at Shopbop (additional 20% off sale items already 50% or 70% off with code EXTRA20), new markdowns at Net-a-Porter and a slew of new arrivals at The Outnet, not to mention a week’s worth of blog reading to catch up on, I burned my surfing hours this morning in a most irresponsible way. I’m also nursing a cold, which doesn’t help anyone move any faster. But I know you understand.

In any case, I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions over the last couple of days…’tis the season, after all. To be honest, I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, in the traditional sense. Not at all. Take a picture a day, read a book a month, go to the gym three times a week – they’re all laudable goals, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that, in my opinion, anything that sets you up for failure and self-loathing is a bad way to start the year.

But I think there’s a way to craft a resolution that can bring you only joy and satisfaction, and those are the variety I heartily endorse. So, this week, I thought we’d talk a little about that.

Today’s suggestion? Do something better for yourself – make a beauty resolution.

{Because, really, what resolution could be better than one that leaves you with skin like this?}

Splurge on that amazing facial product you’ve been eyeing – your skin deserves its best year yet. Sure, maybe you can’t afford to revamp your entire system right now, but start with one really decadent product you’ll look forward to putting on every day. My latest obsession is Armani’s Regenessense, which works wonders for making my skin lighter, brighter and infinitely happier. It dissolves worries and redness, and gives you that glow you thought could only be achieved through pregnancy or airbrushing. Yes, it’s $140 a bottle. But it will last 3-4 months, which is critical to remember when gasping at the cash register as you invest in these things.

Resolve to exfoliate. Or to treat yourself to a monthly pedicure. Or a beautiful, bold red lipstick that will make you feel like the daring diva you secretly are. Or, take it a step further and resolve to get yourself quarterly facials. If you’re anything like me, facials get relegated to the bottom of the spa list (massages being just that wonderful). But if you find a wonderful aesthetician (my favorites, if you happen to be in Portland, are Brynndle at Portland Spa or Ginny at Blooming Moon), they’ll make the experience as relaxing as any massage, with the added benefit of making you look amazing for days afterward.

Whatever it is that will make your heart a little lighter when you look in the mirror, or make you a little more excited to head to the bathroom for your nighttime facial routine – resolve to treat yourself to it this year.

So, tell me – what beauty resolutions are you inspired to make? I’d love to hear! And tomorrow, we’ll talk fashion resolutions. As you might expect, I have a few.

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2 comments on “resolved: a beautiful 2012

  1. DL

    Love your resolutions! 🙂 This post reminds me to make an appointment with Ginny soon 🙂 Other beauty/shopping resolutions for me: learn how to apply make-up more expertly (especially eyes), continue to take off the sales goggles, get more regular manicures (I’ve recently found the ladies at Fleur De Lys and they’re great)! One beauty resolution I’ve never been able to uphold is to wash my hair less frequently =P I wash it daily since I can’t stand the oiliness although I know it’s bad since it dries out my hair =P even products exist to make your hair look less oily, i still FEEL gross, so i guess i’ll live with my dry hair when i’m older. =P

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