on my radar: a man and a woman

There’s a new girl in town, and she’s something special. Created by the former head buyer at Shopbop, A Man And A Woman is Erin Crandall’s latest creation – a heavily curated boutique packed with standout pieces from Crandall’s favorite designers.

L’Agence layered dress, $410 / Chris Benz sweater, $644

(Can we talk about how in love I am with that Chris Benz sweater for a moment?)

Crandall has done a brilliant job of selecting a few classic workhorse staples, but balancing them with loads of special, splurge-worthy buys I haven’t seen anywhere else. And, unlike her last gig, less is more – every piece feels like it was hand-selected for a very cool, effortlessly stylish girl. The end result is hip and fashion-forward, but totally approachable. Instead of drowning in options, Crandall only offers a few – but they’re all exactly right.

Brochu Walker sweater, $395 / L’Agence dress, $412

For the most part, they’re splurges – no question. But there are plenty of accessible buys in the mix – Current/Elliott denim, L’Agence cocktail dresses and the like, all of which rank in that dangerous “expensive, but do-able” range. If you’re a person that likes to buy one or two perfect pieces and wear them all season, this is the spot for you.

Patmos cardigan, $595 / L’Agence shift, $297

Oh, and same-day delivery if you live in Manhattan (you NYC girls have all the fun). Happy browsing!


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