currently coveting: coye nokes

It’s been a long, long time since I fell this hard for a new shoe designer. But take a look, and tell me honestly that you aren’t head over utterly perfect heels for this girl:

They’re designed by Coye Nokes, an absolutely adorable Southern girl (aren’t they always?) who honed her design chops in London before moving to NYC to launch her collection. How’s that for style cred? Prices run the gamut – that Maya wedge (with which I am terminally besotted) is $275, which feels utterly reasonable. Get into the glitter and the embossed python, though, and you’ll be in the $600 range – definitely on the splurgier side of things. Much as I love the Maya, if I thought for a moment that I could walk in those heels, either of those embossed python beauties would be mine!

It feels a bit like clothing designers are a dime a dozen these days, but shoes…really great shoes are nearly impossible to come by. These are truly some of the most unique, original and flat-out beautiful designs I’ve seen come out of a new studio in years. Just looking at them, I can tell there’s serious quality to be had. Next step: a personal inspection. I’ll keep my fingers crossed (and, of course, keep you posted).

Check out the rest of the goodies at Coye Nokes’ website. Perhaps if we all start saving now, we can make a collective splurge later in the spring!


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One thought on “currently coveting: coye nokes

  1. Serena

    Thanks for sharing this find! I love all of these, but I must be part magpie because like always, my eye goes toward the shiny gold heels.

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