in the mood for march

I’ve been playing with a little mood/inspiration board of late – really just something to do with all of those pages in magazines I tear out and shove into a pile on my desk. Instead, they’re on a magnetic board in my dining room office. There’s never a goal, or a particular theme, in mind, yet trends always seem to emerge. It helps me figure out where to spend my money every season by showing me what it is I’m really in love with. And, when I’m feeling particularly uninspired, it gives me ideas for how to get dressed in the morning.

So, I thought I’d start taking a moment every now and then to show you what’s new on my board. Sound good?

{Click the image to enlarge, in case you want to see something absurdly up close and out of focus}

This month, it appears I’m all about bright color and color-blocking, blazers, printed pants, and anything inspired by Downton Abbey. And apparently, a bright blue handbag.

Have you ever tried out a mood board? Any luck?

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