april showers, in style

I have always been a fan of understated (bland) rain gear. Best to blend in, look sophisticated, and all that. But all of these grey April days looking so very beautiful against the bright, happy flowers of spring have made me reconsider. So, last month, I treated myself to my first “bright” umbrella: navy with hot pink hearts from J.Crew (alas, not available online, but well worth a trip to the store). It’s changed my entire outlook on this dreary spring weather.

{Hillary Day trench, $435; Sorel Tivoli rain boots, $115 (or $30 on clearance for the black!); Marc Jacobs umbrella, $24}

Now, I’m traipsing around town with my bold umbrella and a bright, puddle-stomping pair of Sorel rain boots (how could I resist that polka dot lining?)…and, though I may not look sophisticated, I’ve still managed to cling to stylish. And I can tell you it’s done an immeasurable amount of good for my attitude.

While I’m rambling, a word about that lovely trench above. It’s by Hillary Day, a designer based here in Portland, and it’s possibly the most flattering – and utilitarian – trench I’ve ever tried. No buttons to pull uncomfortably when you layer (or sit down), and the fabric is the highest tech thing I’ve seen since the iPad. Hillary’s favorite party trick is to dump a glass of water on one when you walk in the shop. By the time you leave, that water will still be in a puddle on top of the trench. Unreal.

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