saks friends & family!

I’m behind the Magic 8 ball on this one, and I’m so sorry, friends…internet access is a bit spotty when moving! But in case you haven’t already heard, Saks is having their Friends & Family event this week! You get 20% off storewide, 15% off jewelry (it’s one of the best F&F deals out there, with the fewest brand exclusions). Nordstrom is always happy to match this one as well (just sayin’!). You have until 4/29, so if you haven’t already taken advantage, hop to it!

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One thought on “saks friends & family!

  1. Callie

    You may be late to the party, but so was I. I just bought some Falke tights at because I saw your post. I didn’t know SFA sold merino wool and cotton Falke tights, so thanks for the tip!! (The sale may not be attributed to surfing over from your blog because I logged into ebates before making the actual purchase.)

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