We interrupt our regularly-scheduled programming to bring you a high-pitched shriek of pure excitement!!

That’s right: What Would Tim Gunn Do? That’s the question I’m posing to myself today (and, if I’m honest, a lot of other days as well). Because I’m interviewing him this afternoon! For you! EEEEEEEEEEE!

So, the real question is this: What should I ask the most debonair style guru ever? Leave your burning fashion quandaries in the comments, and I’ll run them past the man himself. Can’t wait for your ideas!

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5 comments on “WWTGD?

  1. Serena

    I’d love to know what Tim’s suggestions are for looking stylish and professional in sweltering summer temperatures. And have so much fun!!

  2. Jennifer S

    I’m so excited for you – Tim Gunn’s my favorite! I’d love to get his take on the top 5 (or 10) wardrobe MUST HAVES that will withstand the test of time and changes in style so that you can always look stylish and put together. Good luck!

  3. Arrs

    I want to know what he thinks is the next fugly shoe trend in a post-uggs and post-crocs world. j/k. I am curious, but don’t him that. 🙂

    Is he in town? If so, I’d love to hear his take on PDX style!!

  4. Cece

    Ask him what the one most flattering item a girl of each shape should have, like the 1 item most flattering for a tall thin girl, a small curvy girl, a girl with big hips, pear shaped, etc….1 item!

  5. aletha

    Tell Tim he has major fans this far from NYC! I have two questions. He lives in New York, which has weather extremes. What’s his advice for dealing with weather, being practical vs being stylish? And does he want to talk about any Project Runway contestants . . . anyone who didn’t win who should have? What about Gretchen . . .from this neck of the woods, but who generated lots of fan hate.

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