smc giveaway: the perfect white tee!

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It’s not quite a four-day week, but with Memorial Day on the horizon, I suspect most of us are counting down to the three-day weekend (and already planning to cut out early on Friday). In celebration, I have to tell you about my latest, just-in-time-for-summer find – maybe the best new find in my closet. It’s the perfect – the absolutely, undeniably perfect – white tee.

Oh, and how about if I set it up so that you can have one too?

I’m not one of those girls with a closet full of white tees – in fact, I almost never buy them, because I’m ridiculously picky in this department. Fitted white tees just aren’t always that flattering. Tight white tees are a terrible idea, and the looser versions always seem to have that light, drapey fabric that skims the body in all the wrong places.

But then, one day, I saw a Lucky editor mention that her hands-down favorite white tee was from Eileen Fisher. Now, I’ll admit, I was a skeptic. Eileen Fisher? You mean those super flowy styles you usually see on, well, the more mature set? It couldn’t be. And yet, the tee looked beautiful. So, I had to investigate – and the folks at Eileen Fisher were kind enough to make it happen.

Turns out if you go down a size, Eileen Fisher’s pieces take on a whole new life. Friends, this tee – it’s called the U-Neck Tee in linen jersey – truly is perfect.

The color is just the tiniest bit softer than a pure white, so it’s infinitely more flattering. It’s made of linen jersey that somehow magically drapes like linen without wrinkling. It has a shirt-tail hem and a barely A-line cut, so it grazes skin and creates a waist, but covers backsides and tummies. The neckline dips low enough to suggest without making you panic about your bra choice. And the sleeve is this flattering cut somewhere between a cap sleeve and a full short sleeve, which makes your arm instantly slimmer.

Now that I have my holy grail white tee, I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the best ways to wear it. A few things that come to mind:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

  1. Slouchy front-tuck, a chunky black belt, frayed cut-off shorts (eek, 70% off!) and a strappy flat sandal. Add black Ray-Bans and a long gold necklace to polish it up.
  2. Loose and easy over just about any colored skinny jean, a great heel (or ballet flat) in a contrasting color. Add some chunky jewelry and a mini-shoulder bag to make it yours.
  3. Fully tucked into a high-waist trouser jean, skinny belt, black or navy blazer, bright wedge. Add a day clutch and a stack of bangles, to tone it down.
  4. Loosely tucked into a maxiskirt, a chunky belt, your favorite maxi and tan flat sandals. Add…nothing at all.
  5. Slouchy and loose over a skinny printed pant (or a floaty maxi skirt), a leather moto jacket, black ankle boots. Add your favorite statement bag and let it steal the show.

You know, just a few ideas to get you started. The only downside, if there is one? It’s only available in-store at Eileen Fisher, and…well, it’s $128. So, how about if I fix all that by giving one of you your very own?

To enter, itโ€™s the usual drill. Just leave a comment on this post, telling me how much you love this tee. For a bonus entry, share the love! Tweet about the contest (mention @shoppingscardio and @EileenFisher so we can keep track), share on Facebook (find Eileen Fisher’s Facebook page right here), blog it, Pin itโ€ฆwhatever form of social media makes you happy (just be sure to link to the contest and Eileen Fisher). Then just come back and leave another comment, letting me know how you shared. Iโ€™ll close entries Friday night, and announce a winner. Max of 3 total entries per person, US/Canada winners only.

Good luck!

* This fantastic giveaway is sponsored by Eileen Fisher, and hand-picked by me. All opinions are 100% my own. As always.

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171 comments on “smc giveaway: the perfect white tee!

  1. Leah

    i am constantly on the lookout for the holy grail of white tees and this looks like it (except for the price tag)! love it!

  2. M.J. Moore

    The Holy Grail t-shirt indeed. Linen is one of my favorite fibers to wear, and the cut is perfection! Pure summer goodness.

  3. Amanda

    Eileen Fisher is synonymous with quality, ease and beauty. A great basic white t-shirt that makes my arms look thinner? I’m in!!

  4. Kristina

    I buy at least one new white tee shirt every year. It’s quite ridiculous. I would love to keep this one in my closet for years!

  5. Laura

    Love the suggestion since I am always on the hunt for the perfect tee! Like the u shaped neckline and fabric!

  6. SC

    Linen? For a T-shirt? Well, a linen knit is sure to wrinkle a lot less than woven linen, which I never buy because I can’t deal with the wrinkly look. So, sure, I’d love to try a free white Eileen Fisher linen T-shirt!

  7. Erin

    Linen jersey sounds amazing for the summer! Plus the styling you did is making me wish I wasn’t too short for maxi skirts – but I know I could dress up the tee for (my admittedly casual) work ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. E Kelly

    I love Eileen Fisher and am building a wardrobe through thrift store shopping… I have Eileen fisher taste and a thrift store budget and it is working for me so far…however, I have yet to see an EF shirt so I would love to win the giveaway to save me hours and hours and hours of searching:)

  9. Serena

    Love everything about this, except for the price…but for the perfect white tee, maybe it’s worth it…

  10. christinepatete

    A white tee is a huge staple to my wardrobe. This would be a great addition.

  11. Jan Priddy

    I never wear white. Not ever. But I would throw this on in a hot minute. (And watch that crack about the “older set” this old lady’s got some game.)

  12. Andrea Blackford

    When I was a child, I loved cheap, plain white tees. Now that I’m older, I appreciate fine fabric, a beautiful drape, and a skintone-friendly hue. Now that I’m a grown up, this is the perfect tee for me!

  13. Jane Morris

    I love Eileen Fisher – expensive yes, but so worth it. I have been on the hunt for the perfect white tee for a few years and love the look of this one.

  14. Christy Kane

    I love everything Eileen Fisher but have not seen this tee. I would love it!

  15. Karen Dubrinsky

    This white tee looks like the perfect summer shirt–breezy and cool, but tailored a bit so it’s not too baggy. Love it, and would love to win it!

  16. betsy smith

    I don’t tweet, but I put it on Facebook. Might call Kimmy too. Looks like a Must Have Item.

  17. Jan Crews

    There’s nothing sweeter than a beautifully cut white T and a pair of slim jeans. Every piece of EF I’ve ever purchased has justified its price by its usefulness and wearableness. Thanks for sharing this!

  18. Suzanne Edler

    If you could see happiness, it would look like this tee. Two years ago, I learned to size down Eileen Fisher and what looked flowy and mature now looks kicky and chic! And Eileen Fisher washes and packs like a dream!

  19. colleen boudreau

    I love it, you can never have too many perfect white tee’s. ๐Ÿ™‚
    holliister at gmail dot com

  20. Hazel Singer

    This t-shirt is the perfect item for travel: dress it up (with jewelry from, sleep in it, fly in it, train in it! What more could a woman want? And, if you’re really a good mom, give it to your daughter.

  21. Flash Tarbell

    I saw that same article which identified the Eileen Fisher white tee as The Best! Now…let’s prove it by giving it to ME!

  22. Suzanne Van Veen

    Love Eileen Fisher ~ and love this tee! Just tried some EF tees on this weekend in green and purple to try to splash some color into my wardrobe. But would love this simple, classic staple as well.

  23. jillian

    LOVEEEEEEEEEEE this tee! it does look perfect! great piece for layering! xoxo jillian

  24. Megan Clark

    I just Love EF and who doesn’t need the perfect white tee? They always sell out so fast! I would love this classic!

  25. Stacy

    Don’t write off Eileen Fisher as being for old ladies. I have no idea why they market to that set, when EVERYONE wants flattering, well made clothes that are comfortable and can be worn to work or out on the town! (Probably because the “more mature set” are the women who can afford to spend $300 on a shirt?) I’m not surprised that their T-shirt is amazing, everything I buy from them is. Sadly, I no longer live near one of the few EF outlet stores in the US, so I’m buying a lot less of it than I used to….

  26. Erin

    This is the perfect beach vacation t-shirt, I need one for my August vacation! Posted on Facebook and tweeted!

  27. Alejandra Vallejo

    I love how Eileen Fisher clothes fits me, but I usually (try my best) buy things on sale. I would love to own this perfect white t-shirt for the summer. I avoid most white t-shirts, but this one is really perfect. Liked on Facebook.

  28. Elizabeth

    As with all perfect things, this tee is simple, elegant, and adaptable… as we all should aim to be! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. amy mayer

    i LOVE the tee!! looks ridiculously comfy and the perfect t to dress up or down–and i am in the Eileen Fisher demographic–what and awesome staple to have in a wardrobe!

  30. amy mayer

    I just pinned this on MY Style board on Pinterest and pinned the above pic with the various ways to wear it—so this should link to this contest–thanks!

  31. Elaine

    I LOVE Eileen Fisher’s sense of classic style and comfort and this tee looks like it could be a favorite. (I, in fact, do not own a white tee right now precisely for all the reasons you stated ) I too, do not understand why EF has “that” reputation. But then again, I am of a certain age. My guilty pleasure is prowling the outlet in Secaucus, NJ when I want to treat myself.

  32. Maurie Jones

    Uh oh! I must be one of those women of a certain age! Love it AND love this tee!

  33. Marydz

    Love the shirt and so versatile too. Eileen Fisher’s clothes are timeless and always look great!!!

  34. Marydz

    tweeted it and posted on Eileen Fisher’s FB page. It would look so cute on me………

  35. Key

    Love this and love how you work it. All Eileen’s pieces are real workhorses. The initial investment may be steep but you get more than your money’s worth.

  36. Michal Colella

    Eileen Fisher is all I wear!! I just LOVE her cloths, and I hope this white shirt is what I’m looking for!!

  37. Charlene

    Nothing better than an EF linen jersey T. I go on a wild EIleen Fisher shopping spree every few years. I’m due!

  38. Kim

    Love. Eileen. Fisher. Stylish, tasteful, clothes that breathe and move! Linen tee–we were meant to be together ๐Ÿ™‚ Kim

  39. Beth dahlke

    A white T is a standard in my closet, each year I buy at least 4. One under tunics, one wih jeans, one with a jacket,one in case I stain one that happeneds all e time. White is one of my favorite colors because it can take whatever you are wearing to a whole new level. Thanks would love to win!
    Mollys great Chicago fire. Food truck owner, hard worker and Grandmother of 5 boys. Even though I do not look it! Lol xxx

  40. Jania Stout

    Oh my gosh I love this T. Eileen Fisher is the best. Always looking for a great white shirt!!!

  41. Juliet Quebedeaux

    Just feel so very ‘at home’ in Eileen’s clothes, whether at work or home. Comfort means everything without compromising good taste!

  42. Juliet Quebedeaux

    Simply adore this Eileen Fisher tee! Would be perfect with a long flowing skirt for out to dinner or a walk on the beach! Have loved Everything Eileen for well over 20 years now! Tres Bien!

  43. Angela

    This article of clothing is the Platonic ideal of a white T, the embodiment of the perfect white T that each of us holds in our minds, which allows us to identify and mourn the imperfect white Ts that surround us. I want it.

  44. sandyB

    Despite it being a (big!) birthday for me, I ended up gifting my teenage daughter with a gorgeous sweater from your Burlington MA Company Store–and getting her started on her EF obsession. This T-shirt is stunning, and would be the “icing on the cake” as I enter my new decade. Will share on Facebook.

  45. KrisY

    I was treated to a 3 piece system this past October and fell head over heals in love with Eileen Fisher clothes! I’m finding I wear the clothes and feel completely uplifted. A tee shirt is one item I don’t have as of yet. Linen jersey would look terrific on me.

  46. Rachel G.

    I adore my Eileen Fisher long cardigans and linen crops. This white T would be the perfect complement!

  47. Barbara

    Love the tee. It looks like it is highly versatile. Tucked, in, left hanging, skinny jean, pencil skirt, even a long skirt and can be worn successfully with or without a jacket. Yeah true versatility! Always looking for a nice flattering tee shirt that offers a compliment to my petite figure without being skin tight, too baggy or worse yet makes me look heavy even though I weigh 105 lbs. I have discovered that Eileen Fisher has lots of styles and accessories that are great for travel, versatile wear and an updated unpretentious look. Thanks for this recent thumbs up!

  48. Nancy

    wow..leave it to Eileen Fisher-this does look like a must have tee. I love that it is stylish AND covers all the parts that are best covered!! would look great with some of my other EF favorites!

  49. Bobbi

    I love this tee. Prices may seem to be high, but the quality of the fabric and workmanship means it is a joy to wear and can be a classic that will last for years.

  50. Mamavalveeta03

    I love Eileen Fisher clothing! I might fit the demographic (we can afford it!), but then again, when the tee is this good, who cares?

  51. Susan Ashbridge

    Posted on FB to share with my friends. What great ideas and you have a wonderful fashion sense. I love this tee and can just picture it ..on me,too! bookingmarked your site so I can visit often. Thanks so much!

  52. Gail Friedlander Clifton

    Love this tee. Very flattering. Hides any unwanted areas. Entered on facebook

  53. Kathy Gosselin

    I am probably part of the “mature” set but have been wearing Eileen clothes for years. they are absolutely the best, most comfortable and classy clothes around. this t is no exception.

  54. Sylvia

    love EF linen jersey….from, well, dare I say it…..a member of the more mature set

  55. Sarah

    Love this tee, so versatile. Excited to finally learn how to wear white this summer!

  56. Victoria Sheehan

    I’ve recently discovered Eileen Fisher and I love her clothing! This t-shirt looks so comfortable to wear and could be converted from something casual to business with accessories!

  57. Bea

    Love the look; but I love everything from EF. Works with absolutely everything … it really is the holy grail of tees.

  58. Naomi

    It’s so hard to reinvent the basic white tee. But this shirt is both unique and so versatile that to win this shirt in this giveaway would mean you could “give away” all those other white tees in your closet. This Eileen Fisher tee meets the need for all other white tshirts.

  59. Sandra Eisele

    I have this tee in black and it is a perfect tee for me- can wear it to work or anywhere. One size smaller flatters my (over 60 but forever young!) petite size, and would love a white one.

  60. Courtney

    Who doesn’t need a good white tee? I wear white shirts all the time in the summer and feel like they start becoming twisted after only a couple of washes. Thanks for telling us about this tee.

  61. Alena Howard

    I am back. I shared on Facebook on 5/23/12. As I said, this tee would look grand under a cute vest, skinny jeans and cowboy boots–yee haw!! and i have everything but the cowboy boots–yet!

  62. Ellyn Kearney

    Perfect tee, indeed, and I’d love to be in it RIGHT NOW! I’m off to tweet and pin and look forward to wearing this shirt!

  63. Ellyn Kearney

    Had to pin this, tweet this and put it on my facebook page because I love it! White is the go to summer color and this feminine, light and floaty design is just right. Can’t wait to wear it!

  64. Debbi

    The versatility of this tee is wonderful–so easy to dress up or down. My favorite look would be with blue jeans for a casual summer day.
    Thank you to you and Eileen Fisher for this wonderful giveaway.

  65. Michelle J

    I love these! I wear quite a few of her things and if you know how to style them, the “flowy” works FOR you, rather than against.

  66. Jenna V

    Love it! I feel like the search for great white T’s just never ends for me…I feel like this could solve the problem!

  67. Arrs

    This would be my first white T! I’ve avoided wearing white my entire life (black = slimmer + my ability to constantly spill things on myself has kept me away). I think would be a good kick in the butt to grow grow up…

  68. kat

    True enough. Seems I’m always surfing the fine line of cut and flow, and well made beautiful fabric is hard to find. This is a wonderful find, thanks!