a few feathered finds

Post-Portlandia, the very, very last thing I want to do is put a bird on it. And yet, I’m finding myself inexplicably drawn to a few feathered finds lately. Particularly those of the tropical variety…which I’m telling myself is an entirely different (and infinitely more stylish) option than, say, slapping a sparrow silhouette on every tote bag in sight (cough, cough).

While Mother’s Day shopping a few weeks ago, I nabbed a small brass feather tray a few weeks ago from one of my favorite shops in town (one for Mom, one for me), and honestly, that mini-splurge has paid massive dividends in organizational bliss. Finally all of those necklaces and earplugs rolling around on my nightstand have a home! Then I stopped by Anthropologie and couldn’t tear my eyes from that fantastic flamingo tee…so it came home with me as well. And those parrot boyshorts? I was $8 away from free shipping at Topshop, so I basically had no choice but to buy them.

Parrot bangle, $118 / Athena feather tray, $32 / Elnoris top, $78 /
Feather pouch
, $68 / Parrot cheeky boyshorts, $8 /Isabel Marant feather tee, $198

What can I say? They put a smile on my face. It’s the little things, friends.

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