test case: opi pure lacquer nails

I have been dying to try these clever little patterned stick-on applications of polish ever since they debuted…but I’ve waited. Waited patiently and loyally, until OPI came out with them. I try a lot of polish, friends…a lot of polish…and (other than Chanel), OPI just always comes out on top.

So, I finally heard they’d launched Pure Lacquer Nail Apps, and absolutely had to try. The results? Adorable, thanks. And not that hard to do, once you learn the ropes.

A few application tips I learned the hard way (in case you’re as clueless in these matters as I am):

  • The patterns are more sheer than they look in the package, so the brights are much more wearable than they look.
  • Cuticle scissors are infinitely useful for removing the excess along the sides and base of your nail.
  • They apply upside-down, so the tab you hold onto while applying is at the top of your nail, not the bottom.
  • The strips are actually a little bit stretchy, so feel free to manipulate them a little while applying.
  • There are more than 5 nail strips to a row for a reason – check your nail size before just blindly applying. Not that any sane person would need to be told that.

In all, excellent fun – and definitely worth it for a fun night out or an event. The magic lasted about three days…though I suspect a layer of top coat would have given me a few extra days. But then, the novelty wore off around the time the polish did. Just about perfect, I think. Next time, I’m taking that snakeskin version out for a spin.

Because these are only supposed to be sold at salons, I shall not tell you they’re available on Amazon. Go to OPI.com, check them out, and then buy them from someone with a license!

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