off the rack: zara basic T

I recently indulged in a pretty serious Zara shopping spree – perhaps you saw the purple pants debate over on Facebook? Well, the pants are going back, as I realized they were quickly going from sleek to sleepwear once they’d been worn for a few minutes. And so is this jacket, though I’m utterly in love with it (if you’re flat-chested, please, please buy one. It’s fantastic.). But what stayed was this striped linen tee:

I already have one in another color, and it’s a favorite. I’ve had a devil of a time tracking down a striped tee without a boatneck collar (so unflattering on broad-shouldered girls like me). The linen is much, much lighter than that wonderful Eileen Fisher tee…but it’s also $20, so there’s that. I picked one up in black as well, and that one was a bust…the sheer, nubby linen just didn’t work in a dark color. But this stripe will be perfect for no-brainer summer style.

Just take my advice and use a needle and thread to go all the way around those folded cuffs and tack them down while it’s still new. Once you wash it, there’s no recovering.

Have you come across any fabulous finds so far this summer?

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