just joined: currently obsessed!

I am so excited to tell you all about my latest retail adventure: Currently Obsessed! Finally, I can show you every little thing I’m coveting at the exact moment I covet it!

Currently Obsessed basically works like a shop-able Pinterest board – I add the things I’m loving (or, too often, things I’ve already bought), things that are on a killer sale, or things I think you need in your closet. You’ll check it out and get what amounts to a perfectly condensed version of the my favorites from the WWW. All the instant gratification a girl could want!

If you’re in the market for a great pair of sandals, you can check out my favorites in a flash. Need denim shorts that manage to be a little slouchy, a little distressed, and not obscenely thigh-baring? I just pored over thousands to pick out a handful that are perfect.

Best of all, it helps me show off some of the best sale buys the minute I spot them, instead of hoping I’ll have a burst of energy and get them on the blog. Case in point: I just found a fantastic mint Kain tee for half price in the Net-a-Porter sale. I’d have never gotten around to blogging that, but I just put it on my Obsessed list. Bargains for all!

If you love it (which I know you will), you can create an account, find your other favorite bloggers (some of my top picks are Obsessing too), and “Stalk” my retail wanderings to your heart’s content. Or skip all that and just add my page to your Favorites list.

Oh, and PS…if you’re on the hunt for something specific, drop me a comment and I’ll happily shop on your behalf!

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3 comments on “just joined: currently obsessed!

  1. Kristina

    Ooh I love that! There’s a few things I’ll be clicking on!

    I bought a navy Kain tee several weeks ago on OpenSky (also 1/2 price!) and I loved it the first two times I wore it. Then it started to get all pilly and fuzzy. Then I tossed it in the handwash cycle of my machine and it got holes in it. I’m still mad about it. Did I get a dud or are all Kain tees super fragile?

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Oh, that’s so frustrating! Man, if I were you, I’d be emailing Kain to insist on their replacing it. I haven’t heard about that being an issue with other Kain tees, but I’ve definitely run into similar problems with “premium” tees before. I hope it was just a fluke!

  3. Kristina

    I took your advice and emailed Kain about my experience. I’ll keep you filled in if anything comes of it.

    My 6 month-old puppy has decided that my shoe rack is a buffet. The latest victims were my red flats. If you could recommend a cute pair or two (<$100 please!) I'd appreciate it!

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