off the rack: burberry trench

I know, I know, after my big Chanel splurge this spring, I had no business. No business at all. But…do you want to hear the story? I thought so!

I first saw this Burberry Prorsum trench in that fantastic Resort 2012 runway show I attended at Nordstrom, at which my pal Kim and I fawned over it to no end – classic lines, amazing fabric, and that gorgeous papaya-colored leather trim! It’s a classic, but on a whole new level.

But it was nearly $4,000. Never, ever, ever happening.

Fast-forward to last weekend, when I spotted that very same trench, looking all forlorn on a rack in the back of the designer department. That rack? It was the sale rack. Which had just been marked down to 60% off.

Turns out my new coat was the last one in the company. I couldn’t very well just leave it there all alone, could I? I had a big pile of Nordstrom “notes” (store credit rewards from my last unreasonable splurge) and a little gift card I’d been saving, so the upshot was that I got this gorgeous thing for less than I’d have paid for a classic trench from Burberry Brit.

Sure, my wallet didn’t find the timing exactly perfect, but sometimes the fashion gods speak, and you have no choice but to listen. The money will sort itself out (it always does), but this trench? It’ll be in my closet forever.

The moral? You just never know what will go on sale, friends. I’d have never predicted this in a million years, but here we are: fashion kismet. And just in time, too…I’d splurged on (and returned) two big boxes to Zara and Net-a-Porter only days before.  It was definitely a good reminder in the value of saving for splurges, even when you don’t yet know what they are.

There’s nothing I love more than a good story about fashion kismet. Do you have one? What’s your best find – the one that was just meant to be?

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3 comments on “off the rack: burberry trench

  1. The Wholesome Hedonist

    my story of Fashion Kismet? Finding a Burberry trench on the racks at the Salvation Army. For $20. No kidding! And the funiest part was, I wasn’t even the one to find it – a woman, shopping with her friend, took it off the rack and said, ‘Look! a Burberry trench!’ she tried it on and then put it back because it wasn’t her size. So of course I made a beeline for it! Fashion kismet indeed!

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