sale spy: scoring big in the summer sales

{Editor’s Note: I’m so happy to introduce you to Roxanna, our new Sale Spy! She’s a second-generation veteran of retail sales, so she knows everything there is to know about scoring serious sale bargains. She’ll be sharing a few of her best insider tips and tricks for maxing out those clearance racks!}

Roxanna K.K. ~ Hello there, lovely readers! As a longtime follower of SMC and a committed sale hound, I am excited to share my sale tips and tricks with you in my new sale series. Having a mom that worked in the retail industry meant that I was exposed to sample sales early, and really, I could never stomach full price after that! But my mantra is always quality, cut and fit first. What’s the use of a bargain if it doesn’t make you look and feel fabulous?

The hardest time of year for a sale lover like me is late summer. Luxurious fall looks are starting to show up all around me – but all at full price! What’s a bargain hunter to do? Luckily, this time of year is perfect for transitional shopping – you can pick up sale items from spring and summer and work them seamlessly into your fall wardrobe. However, transitional sale shopping does require a strategy: you want to pick up quality pieces that are either basics or trends that will last into the fall season.

Abigail trench, Soïa & Kyo, $132 (50% 0ff) / Navy Piped Blazer, Line, $239 (40% off) /
Long Back Sweater
, 10 Crosby Derek Lam, $66 (76% off!)

Here are some key pieces to watch for in late summer sale season:

Trench coats and leather jackets. These items debuted in spring, which means that they are usually heavily reduced or on the clearance rack by late summer. They are the perfect bargains to snap up because most people ignore them (who wants to try on a trench coat in sweltering heat?), but a few weeks later, they will be identical to the newest fall merchandise. (One store associate told me last week that the trench I was buying at 50% off was more stylish and better quality than the ones they had just received for fall!) It always pays to invest in outerwear, so now’s the time to buy high quality items that you couldn’t afford at regular price.

Open weave sweaters, lightweight blazers and chinos. These are great pieces for cool summer nights or chilly fall days. Open weave sweaters in particular were a huge trend for summer and can be seen on sale racks everywhere. Getting a neutral is a good idea so that it can be worn with a pop of colour for summer or with more subdued tones when September rolls around.

The perfect swimsuit for your late winter getaway. Swimwear and cover ups are priced to sell right now, so you can afford to splurge on a piece that makes you look amazing. Also, you’ll see a much wider variety of styles in summer than you will during the January getaway season. And just think, you’ll save yourself the horror of squeezing into spandex during the post-holiday sales!

Tees, lightweight sweaters and other layering pieces. Many retailers will now have their basics on sale in summer colours. Dressy tees, light knitwear and silk shells are great buys as you can layer them under a blazer or cardigan for fall.

Accessories are also often on sale in summer colours, particularly scarves and handbags. The key is to go for structured totes, satchels and shoulder bags – they’re always winners for fall. Steer clear of those candy-coloured mini-bags and oversized hobos, which will seem out of place when the weather gets crisper. Look for more saturated shades of orange, fuchsia, mustard or teal – and nudes work any time of year.

Now that you have your strategy, go forth and shop, my friends! And be sure to report your best sale finds in the comments!

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One thought on “sale spy: scoring big in the summer sales

  1. Kristina

    I couldn’t agree with your personal mantra “quality, cut and fit first” more! I’ve fallen into the “but it’s such a great price!” trap so many times only to have that “geat deal” just sit in my closet.
    Love the Derek Lam sweater! Bummed it’s not in my size.

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