currently coveting: lillybee fall 2012

My sweet friends at Lillybee just launched their Fall 2012 collection (and a brand new website!), and let me tell you, there is some serious coveting going on up in here.

Left to right, from top: Anita, $228 / Hazel, $188 / Veda, $118 / Shania, $278 / Tammy, $228

And there’s so, so much more where those came from! I’ve already nabbed those purple calf hair loafers…how could I resist? But I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have treated myself to the laser-cut Western booties too. So, so chic!

One of my favorite things about Lillybee is that it’s a collection that’s designed to actually be worn. Translation: comfy heels, low wedges, flats…these are all shoes that are beautiful and fashion-forward, but you can wear them in the real world. That probably shouldn’t be a niche market, but it so is. Particularly if you’re a corporate gal, Lillybee is a line you should be spending some serious time with. Designer Kassie Rempel is a DC-area native who also owns one of the District’s cult favorite shoe boutiques, so she knows a thing or two about creating shoes for powerhouse women (including herself!).

So now, the really pressing question is this: have you picked a favorite?

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