shop drop: fiona’s sweetshoppe

{Alternate Title: Why we should all be sending each other boxes of candy for Halloween}

I may be a fashion girl, but the surest way to my heart is still a box full of treats. Particularly one from my beloved San Francisco. Not so long ago, I stumbled across Fiona’s Sweetshoppe, the sweetest little jewelbox of a candy store in the Bay Area. Look at that photo…aren’t you dying to go?

I was on a quest for a candy my grandmother used to buy for me: Humbugs. (Have you tried them? Delicious!) No one had them. Anywhere. Except Fiona, who had them inĀ two different varieties! Be still my sweet tooth.

As we chatted, they mentioned that they were just getting ready to launch some beautiful new gift packaging, and I asked if I could take a peek. Would you look at what arrived on my doorstep?

Not only did I get Humbugs (which I’m hoarding like Ebenezer himself), but I got a whole slew of British hard candies (impossible to find), a few treats I’d never even heard of (Tom Thumb drops? Divine!) and some absolutely adorable Halloween-themed goodies.

The whole cavity-inducing episode got me thinking…Halloween should be more of a gift holiday, don’t you agree? I mean, we’re too old to trick-or-treat, but we’re all just sneaking our hands into the candy bowl every chance we get this time of year. Why not step up the style and ship a dear friend a box of these adorable treats? For as little as $20, the sweet crew at Fiona’s will get you all hooked up with a single phone call (there are far too many options to order online).

Make sure you request the Lemon Fizzballs and their Halloween Jelly Beans, which are infinitely superior to those Belly beans. Oh, and maybe a few Humbugs.

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