friday finds, hurricane edition

Happy Friday, friends! I think I’m suffering from Sympathetic Hurricane Syndrome…I’ve spent all week in a weird, quiet funk, hunkered down and not really in the mood to shop. Which is fine, as it turns out, because the only emails I’ve gotten this week are from stores and brands letting me know they’re still not able to ship. But I’ll tell you what I do know: I heart NY.

So. What to do with yourself while you’re holed up at home? I’ll tell you.

First, you pore over new coffee table books that arrive. Especially if it’s Vogue Weddings, which just released this week, and is beyond spectacular. That Hamish Bowles curates a book like no one’s business, and as always, you want is in here, from Kate Moss to Kate Middleton…which, if nothing else, will save you having that embarrassing souvenir program on your bookshelf.


Vogue Weddings, Knopf, $53

Next, you eat copious amounts of junk food. In my case, I’ve developed a dangerous addiction to Moonstruck Chocolates’s new “Tumbled” collection, in which delightful little fillings of goodness are “tumbled” with milk or dark chocolate. This ain’t your mama’s bridge mix, though – the chocolate is obsessively rich, creamy and sinful, and the fillings are actually fresh (dried blueberries that aren’t rock hard? Amazing).

Tumbled chocolates (I recommend the dark chocolate blueberries and the sea salt caramels), Moonstruck, $11

And, since you’re hanging around home, you’re probably obsessing about your skin and hair a bit more than usual…too many mirrors makes for too many critics. I’ve had these weird dry spots on my forehead since the weather turned cold, but am pleased to report that skyn Iceland’s new Arctic Hydrating Balm seems to have totally resolved them (especially when paired with ExfoliKate, Bobbi Brown’s Soothing Cleansing Oil cleanser and a little dab of Vaseline).


Arctic Hydrating Balm, skyn Iceland, $35

One of the emails that did make it through was from a lovely reader, letting me know about a shirt she just knew I had to have (those are my favorite emails to get, friends!). Sadly, she was right. And since it was sold out in my size online, I set about the daunting task of tracking one down in the store. On Hurricane Day. I’m only mildly embarrassed…it’s that lovely. Look close, and you’ll see a Paris-themed print on that silk. Perfect indeed. Thanks, Roxanna!


Ella printed shirt, Club Monaco, $129

Last but certainly not least, you’d probably spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest. Because really, where else are you going to find your daily dose of inspirational quotes and aspirational interiors when you’re not leaving the house? This week’s pin is edible, as when I can’t shop, I cook. This butternut squash & farro salad from Smitten Kitchen is one of those things I’d make and then proceed to eat all week, while my husband complained about the lack of meat in the house.


Oh! And if, like me, you’re not quite sure what to do to help, let me say this: Stores everywhere are offering fundraisers and percentages of purchases going to hurricane relief efforts. While I applaud them, and I know they’re just looking for a way to help, I wonder if it wouldn’t be better if we all just sent 100% of some small amount of money directly to the Red Cross, and forewent the souvenir tee/bracelet/pin? It’s just a theory.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends – a safe, dry and warm weekend, please. See you next week!


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