friday finds, in brief

It’s a small list of finds this week, my friends. I’m working like mad on this year’s SMC Holiday Gift Guides, so my head’s swimming with sugar plums and scented lotions. Truthfully, I already feel like I’m weeks behind…does anyone else get completely panicked when they see all of these blog gift guides pop up in early November? So much pressure! My guides will be running the week after Thanksgiving, which I think is plenty of shopping time for us civilized folk, thankyouverymuch.

But, here’s what I do know: I’m completely flattered to have been interviewed by a fab designer friend of mine, the lovely Liz of Sseko Designs (she makes the most amazing sandals you’ve ever seen). Sseko just launched their White Arrow Collection, a new line of awesome (and awesomely functional) clutches, and to celebrate, they’re running a little series on their blog about choosing your own path in life. You know, the way the incredibly brave Ugandan women who make these beautiful bags have done. If you’re curious, read up on how I got started as a writer, why I still love it, and how completely inadequate I feel to be keeping company with these amazing women.

That damn Jonathan Adler, always tempting me with something new. Honestly, there are at least 42 things I want in his brand spanking new store in Portland. And…he’s giving you, my friends (and thus, by extension, his friends…) 20% off this weekend, which is pretty well completely unheard of. So, you know, budget accordingly.

Today is (allegedly) the last day of the Saks sneak peek sale. Which, I suspect, will be closely followed by their actual sale. Anyway. If you’re in need of some fabulous new fall boots, there were a bevy of beautiful options when I peeked this morning. Particularly those lovely Rachel Comeys at left, which never go on sale. And purple suede? Come on. How can you possibly resist?

Huron boot, Rachel Comey, $308 /  Lamar suede boot, Belle by Sigerson Morrison, $228 /
Cassidy boot, Cole Haan, $188

I have been having an awful lot of fun on Pinterest this week. Also, I need a haircut. Possibly something like this awesome-sauce messy bob on Catherine McNeil (c/o Garance Doré), but of course, less eyeliner (and less Chanel too, sadly):

Now, I have a question for you, friends: what’s your basic black legging of choice? I’ve been on the hunt for a good version for a while, and have struck out with Hue, Stylemint (ugh), and a couple of Nordstrom’s in-house brands, and while I still vehemently maintain that leggings are not pants, there’s a time and a place (namely, when you want to wear your spring dresses in November with a nice chunky boot). So, what’s your go-to?

Happy Friday, friends…and may your weekend involve a pumpkin cookie and a hot toddy!


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  1. A

    So far, only Hue for me. Have heard good things about Aritzia but have yet to find them in my size. In a pinch I also like my Lululemon Wunder Unders which I so far am very afraid to wear to yoga, but have no qualms about wearing as leggings!

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