make over my house: my new saatva mattress

{First of all, can we talk about that pretty, pretty new bedding from my friends at Crane & Canopy? It’s so luxe and inviting, I can’t even stand it. And since all of their options are so stunning, I even let the husband pick it out because he literally couldn’t go wrong.} saatva mattress review

For all my love of retail, friends, there are three things I absolutely hate to shop for: cars, houses and mattresses. Because there’s no fun in it at all. It’s all “have to” with no “want to”, it’s high-pressure sales at its worst, and you know – you just know – you’re being taken for a ride. The whole experience is so adversarial, so exhausting, that by the end, I just want to give up. Which, of course, was their plan all along.

So, when it came time (way past time, really) for a new mattress at Casa SMC, my usual mattress-shopping anxiety kicked in. But I started doing some online digging, and came across a company called Saatva. Now, imagine this: no mattress store. No annoying salesperson. No ad jingle stuck in your head. You’re feeling calmer already, aren’t you?

Saatva sells…wait for it…three mattresses. A soft, a medium and a firm. You pick the firmness you like, they send over the mattress (with excellent white glove delivery, btw), everyone’s happy. And if you’re not, they come take it back, no hard feelings.

Now, was I scared to buy a mattress online, without ever setting tush on it? Of course I was. But I chatted at length with the CEO, who told me this (I’m paraphrasing): “If you like a Tempurpedic or a SleepNumber, we’re not the mattress for you. But if you like the feel of the mattress at a luxury hotel, you’re going to love it.”

And you know, he was right. I went with the Luxury Firm (mostly because it said on the website that it was their “flagship”, which I always assume is the best). I was nervous. I thought it’d be too soft. I thought it’d be too flimsy. I thought…well, it doesn’t matter, because it’s an amazing mattress. Firm and plush and thick and completely wonderful…much like spending the night at, say, the Westin or the W (hey, just like he said!). My back feels better, my hubs is sleeping better, all is well in the SMC house.

And I didn’t have to set foot in a mattress store.

Truly, I can’t say enough good things about the experience. Next time you’re in the market, give Saatva a shot and save your steely retail nerves for the after-Christmas sales.

Big, huge thanks to my friends and sponsors at Saatva and Crane & Canopy for making my bed a much nicer place to be.

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  3. b

    I will NEVER buy a SAATVA mattress, after all the ads that pop up on every single mattress page I open. Don’t trust them.

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